Turn Your House Into Disney’s Haunted Mansion!

Well, if you are looking for something creative for Halloween and you have a good budget, why not?

Turn Your House Into a Homemade Haunted Mansion!

Disney’s Imagineer’s would be proud, no doubt at the level of complexity he has in turning a smaller house into having the most realistic feel of Disney’s Haunted Mansion yet.


This guy may have gone far and above, but it’s pretty amazing. The images, decor, and overall spooky-ness if it makes me feel like a child again, twirling in the black buggy, heading for adventure. Portraits of the Black Widow and souls that have since past bring you right back to animated pictures in the attic.


Complete with Madame Leota‘s head completely projected onto a globe.

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Check out his post with more photo’s here!

Source: http://www.thisisinsider.com/haunted-mansion-halloween-transformation-2017-10

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