Tower Of Terror Is HERE!

The time has come! The Tower Of Terror 10 Mile runDisney event is upon us.

I love dressing up in “character” for races as it is. I mean, I wont do a full costume, but I do try and add some flair to the theatrics of the race itself. During my Expedition Everest Challenge, I wore a full desert camo military vest (it was heavy to run with) but fun for the “adventure” of it. This runDisney event, now it is Villains time! I LOVE VILLAINS!

Villains have and will always be so underrated. I need to bring them back, so I am going as Hades.

Pictures will follow and be added to this post, but I’ll let your imaginations run with it a bit. I have a full toga, complete with the skull medallion and blue hair.

I’ll post my times when I am done, however I have done some good training, but really not being a runner, does add some hurt for this event. I am used to the 5k atmosphere, where I can run a little, jog, then walk, then run some more, etc. This is a whole new can of hurt coming to pull of a full 10 mile run. honestly I am going to be happy to champion across that finish line.

We already have a slam packed week planned with tons of family & friends events so I think adrenaline might just carry me across the line!

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