Timothy Green, What An Odd Kid…

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is an inspirational story of a wonderful couple trying every attempt to create a family of their own. After all the heartache they have been through on this journey they start to dream up ideas of what their child would be like. Then one stormy night Timothy magically appears on their doorstep. The Green’s and the whole town learn important life lessons when they are in the company of young Timothy.

Timothy Green

I was moved by this movie. I really enjoyed watching the interactions Timothy has with everyone he comes in contact with. He has this thing about him that draws people in. His sweet innocence combined with his cute demeanor is so uplifting to watch.

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” stars Golden Globe winner Jennifer Garner as Cindy Green, Joel Edgerton as Jim Green, Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest as Ms. Crudstaff and CJ Adams as Timothy.

Bonus features include:

Documentary-“Family Roots: Bringing “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” to the Screen. A featurette of this story and the team that created it.
“Glen Hansard: Behind “This Gift” A look at the Oscar winner and making of the moving end-credits song.
“This Gift” Music Video by Glen Hansard
Deleted Scenes
Director Audio Commentary

This is a lovable movie with such engaging, charming characters that draw you in right from the start. It is a great movie to cuddle up and grab some hot cocoa with the whole family.


Disney’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” one of the year’s most uplifting and enchanting family films, springs up on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD, High Definition Digital and On-Demand platforms on December 4, 2012. It’s the perfect, must-own family-film for audiences of all ages to enjoy and snuggle up to this coming holiday season.

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