Tigger Bounces In

tigger movie
Bounce into the magic of the Hundred Acre Wood with “The Tigger Movie”, the Bounce–A-Riffic Special Edition Blu-Ray. Tigger and his friends look for other Tiggers to complete his family tree after visiting Owl and seeing his family portraits. They set off for adventure and discover how important family and friendship are.

One of the coolest features on this combo pack is the Disney Intermission. When the movie is paused fun games and activities start to appear. Games like What is Different, Guess Who Drawings, and How Many. It is really a unique feature and we thought it was very creative. What a great, educational way to keep kids engaged.

Some of the special bonus features include “A Tigger Tale” which is a featurette with interviews of the director and creative crew discussing Tigger’s history in film and literary forms that influenced “The Tigger Movie”. Richard Sherman gives us a treat discussing how he composed some of the beloved music for the film.

The 10 Mini Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Shorts which is narrated by the actor John Clese is such a delight. These shorts are a fun, quick way to combine Pooh and friends to any day. Round My Family Tree Sing-Along Song and Kenny Loggins Music Video add more musical extras. Along with something special, a family tree activity poster and stickers for the whole family to enjoy tucked into the cover of the dvd.

The Tigger Movie”, the Bounce–A-Riffic Special Edition Blu-Ray 2-Disc Combo Pack debuts on August 21, 2012 and retails for $39.99 and the1-Disc DVD for $29.99.

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