The Return Of Dick Tracy

Bluray movies at one point were thought to be extinct when the famed DVD-HD came out. Funny how the tides have turned. The releasing of classics on Bluray now has become a daily event, with new movies hitting the shelves near hourly revamped and remastered in perfect quality with dick-tracy-bluray-reviewoutstanding audio. So many of my favorite films have now been restored and Dick Tracy is one of them.


A classic movie with many famous actors, Dick Tracy, a crime fighting menacing action hero, with justice on his brain has been put into the updated category while getting it’s Bluray due. Dick Tracy takes place in the late 1930’s, during the gangster era. Based on a comic strip, Dick Tracy had quite a popular upbringing, including movies, live action shows, comics and television. In 1990, Warren Beatty changed the face of Dick Tracy by using an all-star cast to reenact the original in a full on action

Beatty portraits Dick Tracy in the movie, along with famous characters such as Al Pacino, Madonna, Dustin Hoffman, Dick Van Dyke and Paul Sorvino. Quite u line up.

The Bluray version now brings amazing quality to the screen. Dick Tracy the movie has a set that was unlike any other. Almost comic book-esque. The backdrops appear to be alive in a vintage fashion and on Bluray, this video stunt really plays well. It appears you are right inside a real comic book.madonna-dick-tracy-movie

The movie is a great buy for anyone of all ages. I remember seeing it for the first time in theaters. Watching it home on Bluray brought back memories. You can’t go wrong with gangsters, tommy guns, 1930’s cars, Madonna singing and of course, crazy outfits and makeup on some of your favorite actors.

The film is now available at most retailers on DVD and Bluray copies. Enjoy!


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