The Lone Ranger – Johnny Depp as Tanto

It;s always fun to see certain movies or television shows remade, as you get to see it from a new creative direction. Especially with today’s technology put into it. When your looking to bring something of American History, you had better bring it! The classic had an impact from the old western vibe and the generations that were still in love with cowboys and indians. I think that part of American history will never die, but it can be a challenge to keep it alive.


This movie brought a new dimension to the characters and kicked up the action level through the roof. Explosions, chases, horses and gun slinging. What else could you ask for in a western? Oh, Johnny Depp… Well, his role is outstanding as always. Truly there is no role he cannot play. As Disney uses him for many films and characters, Johnny Depp has had more hit movies I swear, it feels like each year he is in something!

So, the Lone Ranger. A masked, well, sort of masked avenger of the law. Well, even that is kind of skewed. Brought back from the dead basically, the ranger finds himself with an indian who will forever change his life. The characters dynamics are great together and they play the roles perfectly.

The movie has been released on Bluray and DVD and is something you NEED to buy! It’s an all age movie, well, perhaps not too little, but always fun.

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