Strong as Popeye, Hairy like Cheech & Chong… RazorMD Delivers!

Why am I writing an article about Popeyebeards and Cheech and Chong on my Disney blog website? Easy: Travel items.

When I first started writing about traveling, theme parks, pop-culture and other various topics, I made certain I would give honest reviews. When I travel, it’s not just advice about the theme parks and best deals, sometimes we need to talk products, how to use, when to use and more importantly, do they work?

I focused a lot of tech-products for awhile simply because they were the buzz. Locator for your luggage, app for your phone to track your kids in the parks, etc. This time I am writing about the manly part of the Walt Disney World Dads: Man-scaping.

So, this brings me to my latest product review: Razor MD – Bring home the barbershop

Cheech & Chong Grooming Factory / Popeye Shaving Kits from  (No spinach was harmed in the making of this).

I am a typical 5’oclock shadow man. I don’t normally grow a full beard, I live in central Florida… But, during winter months, I do sometimes go a bit farther than normal with it. I also try a lot of razors and oils, shaving creams because I have sensitive skin and I always cut myself.


I will also point out I use a flat safety razor. I am not a fan of throw away disposable razors at all.

So lets start with the , pre-shave oils and post-shave lotion:

The branding is adorable and unique. Not playful, but really “gentleman-like” especially with Popeye. You would think whimsical, but you’d be wrong. It’s more of a nostalgic item. The smells are wonderful, not fruity and weird, but robust and cedar like. Im guessing they have a bit of sandalwood in them.

The oil is much like others I have used, oily. But what makes it different is really the ingredients did not bother my face at all, and for sensitive skin, thats huge. many shaving kits smell awesome, but whats the point if your left blotchy and red after? That is the difference of an average product and a great one!


So the oils worked great and had a sturdy smell a man can be proud of. Next came the shaving cream.

The cream is heavy, yet fluffy like a dense whipped cream. I love this. I have rivaled many shaving creams, gels, cans, pumps, and containers and BY FAR the best ones come in canisters like this. It applied nice, shaved clean and left a good feeling on my skin, like I had left an expensive barbershop.


Last on the list if the Cheech and Chong Beard Wash. This is the “I’m in the shower, and I don’t want to use my to wash my beard” wash. Again, just like all their products, they seem to have the right amount of scent, manly components, and although hippie-isa, bot overwhelming hemp smells. I cannot complain. The wash was a good lather, the rinse was clean and no residue behind either.


All in all, the sets are pretty badass. They are great for the avid shaver like myself, once a week, or the guy who needs to wash daily, but trims or shaves monthly. In either event, don’t let these go by without a try. You won’t find this quality on most retailers!

Here is one of their videos introducing the Razor MD brand: (The Gentlemen’s Shave

Now where do find such treats online you ask?

You can find the kits on Razor MD‘s website for easy purchase. I highly recommend! Click either of the images below for details!

Let me know what you think.

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  • October 20, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    Great read and we couldn’t agree more!


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