Stay Cool, Look Cool and Cool Sounds!

When I tell people I go to Disney World in August, one of the first questions is, “Why do you go to Florida when it is so hot?”  Number 1, the heat doesn’t bother me, number 2 I go prepared to stay cool!  As a “Gadget Guy” I am always asked what I pack to keep cool, well here you go!  These items will be in my luggage when I travel to Disney in late August!

The Chill Skinz is a towel designed to keep you cool!  Not only is it great for golfers, runners, tennis players or any summer sport, it is also great for Disney!  Simply wet the Chill Skinz with cold water, squeeze out the excess water before you leave for a park, and slip in your bag.  When needed, take the Chill Skinz out, shake to activate the towel and apply to the back of your neck (or other heated areas).  When activated the towel will drop about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature which will certainly keep you cool!  Check it out on-line at


Another way to stay cool is with Cool Off.  Cool Off is a handy little wipe that you can easily store in your backpack, purse or even keep a couple in your pocket.  17 natural herbs helps the cool feeling last after the initial application.  Whenever you need a quick chill, simply open the Cool Off pack wipe and feel the relief!  With the small package you can easily fit several of these in your pocket to last the entire day.  You will be amazed at the coolness of this tiny package.  Now would be a good time to mention none of these products are a replacement for good hydration, you should make sure you drink plenty of water while at the parks.  These products are a quick way to get some relief from the heat.  For more information on Cool Off, visit them on the web at!

Now it’s one thing being cool, but Oakley can not only help you stay cool but look cool as well!  Oakley polo shirts are stylish (and believe me I need all the help I can get with style), but are also designed with a fabric to help keep you cool.  Three things I really like about Oakley polo shirts would be they are designed with golf in mind, so they don’t hamper your swing.  Second the have UV protection built into the fabric to help protect you from the sun.  Take it from a guy who gets a sunburn under a 100-watt light bulb that comes in handy!  The third thing I like about Oakley polo shirts is the patented “O Hydrolix” moisture management technology.  Let’s face it, you don’t want to be the dad who looks like you just went on Kali River Rapids when you are in Epcot!  Keeping cool is one thing, but looking cool is a essential. 

The Oakley Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses are simply cool!  I love these glasses.  What is cool about these sunglasses is they come with two pairs of lenses for extreme sunlight as well as lower light.  The lenses are easy to change so you will be ready for early morning, mid day and late evening all while looking cool!  For all that Oakley has to offer, head to and be the coolest dad in Disney!

At the end of the day, or sometimes just after noon, I like to wind down and have a little time to myself.  That maybe by the pool, walking along the Boardwalk or even just hanging out in the air conditioning in the room.  This is where I need some cool sounds!  Let’s face it, there are very few places you can go and have piece and quiet, so that is why you need to manufacture some!  The AblePlanet Clear Harmony sound isolation earphones can help you unwind.  I’m going to be honest here, I have small ears.  Although there are no support groups for guys like me, simple iPod headphones are uncomfortable.  AblePlanet earphones are made for guys like me!  They come with THREE comfortfit tips; small, medium and large.  Comfort is important, but sound is the ultimate test for earphones.  Most manufacturers of audio devices don’t put a lot of thought into their headphones.  That is truly a shame!  If you want the best sound for your music collection, AblePlanet has a earphone for you.  I also like the fact the AblePlanet Clear Harmony sport earphones have a microphone and controls which work perfectly with the iPhone, iPad or Android phones.  They come with a travel case which is perfect for a Disney trip!  To find the best earphones for your use, go to

As I mentioned, I have a great trip planned toward the end of August.  I have some pretty cool things lined up for Dads such as golf, a hot air balloon ride, para-sailing and more!  Stay tuned for more gadgets and an awesome trip report!

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