Star Tours – 5-20-2011

Star Tours is getting upgraded to version 1000. Blasting through new places and new characters in an all new digital experience. Disney spared no expense when they decided to redo this attraction. The Star Wars following is a major part of this attraction and the movies are just the beginning. Disney overhauled their equipment to fit a new 3D Digital high-definition screen and an upgraded digital motion simulator along with many new special effects.  The new pilot of your cruiser (rumors have surfaced that it will be C-3PO) will actually be bringing you on a “prequel” as the older original version was a Speedster 3000. The current ship is named the Speedster 1000 and is meant to be an original storyline before the Endor adventure.

The original ride featured a hydraulic based motion cabin with 4 degrees of movement. George Lucas has said the new improved ride will have 6 degrees of movement. When it was time to shut down the ride for updating, there was a major ceremony with fireworks, characters from the Galaxy and a special ceremony to close the ride. It has been closed since August 10th of 2010, so a fairly quick relaunch was planned and now we are at it’s completion. Final stages are testing now and the ride opens on May 20th, 2011 with a major support online following. It has been the news online, Twitter and all over Facebook status updates as the place to be on the 20th!

I would recommend watching the movies once again and relive the magic to be ready for the launch. For most of us, watching Star Wars is an every few years event. I really love the originals a little better than the newer versions and prequels but they absolutely grow together and really can be watched in any manner.  It’s great to see how well Harrison Ford portraits Han Solo, and you can still see some Indiana Jones coming through in getting ready for that role too! His character is always a good favorite.

As always, we will be there live to get you the info your looking for.  Were doing a Star Wars event all this week at home, watching all 6 of them to get ourselves ready. I can’t have my wife forget the name of C3PO or something!

2 thoughts on “Star Tours – 5-20-2011

  • May 26, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    The Star Tours ride is amazing and completely different. Having C3PO as your co-pilot alongside R2D2 is a very cool feature. We traveled to the Wookie Planet in our first adventure and it was funny when a Wookie was tossed across our windshield of our craft as he hung on for dear life. The realism was amazing and the entrance to the ride itself is very state of the art. Robots everywhere and plenty to see.
    George Lucas and Disney did an amazing job. With 40+ combination’s of where you can go to after a hyper jump in light speed, you never know where you will end up on the ride.

  • October 6, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Much appreciated guys. Disney must love you fellas! ha


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