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The product designed to STOP RFID magnet readers from snagging your credit / debit information from the magnetic strip… Not tech savvy or understanding a single word of that? Try this, your credit cards you carry are most likely ancient technology. Using a magnetic strip on the back that contains the credit cards information. They are easier than you think to clone and even easier to steal without touching you! Someone can walk by you and grab the info by being in a close proximity to your wallet or purse. How scary is that?

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So, now lets talk about the blocking device that is slim like a credit card, and you toss it in your wallet or purse and your safe! This little card blocks the frequencies that can be used in “reading” your cards information. Think of how you swipe your card at the pump or at the store, all the machine is doing is reading your cards magnetic strip. Remember those infomercials about the gas pumps being hacked? They’re true.

During our review process, the only thing we could not check is actually IF this thing blocks real data from being stolen. Without a valid machine, which are illegal for personal use, how would one do this? What I can say is that the test results are a little hit or miss, but to say it’s not worth it is a grave misstep.

But the real question: “Is SignalVault worth the $20?”

Well, lets say it works 25% of the time or blocks ONE person in your life from getting your info; was it worth it? In our opinion, this is one of those products that you really cannot pass on, due to cost / security measures you need in todays world.

From Their Website

The SignalVault protects your new RFID enabled credit/debit cards from hackers & identity thieves by making your information invisible to hackers without batteries, charging or activation. Simply install two SignalVaults in your wallet and our E-Field Technology makes your information invisible to hackers.

The SignalVault is your best defense against Crowd Hacking, making your credit cards, debit cards and personal information invisible to identity thieves and hackers. Our E-Field Technology does not require batteries or charging, lasts five years and fits in any wallet, money clip or phone case designed to hold credit/debit cards.

The SignalVault has been independently tested by N.T.S. (formerly Qualtest, Inc.) and successfully passed all testing for RFID blocking and signal protection. Click HERE to view the test results.

RFID Blocking Signal Vault Credit & Debit Card Protector (2 Cards)

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