Selena Gomez & Radio Disney

Selena Gomez

Do you listen to Radio Disney often? (AM 990 Orlando)

You should. I’ll give you a few good reasons…

1. They play “family” music that you can feel comfortable playing throughout the house and not worry about drugs, sex and swearing all over today’s radio stations.

2. Kids & adults typically like the music. They aren’t playing Tellytubbies and Barney here people…

3. It’s on an AM station, which means you can get it without lots of commercials and when they have a contest to call in, you really have a good chance of getting through!

Seriously, the music now is good and it’s fun to have on in the car on the way to the parks too.  Below is a music video from Selena Gomez from her newest song, “Love You Like a Love Song” and trust me, it’s quite addicting. It’s currently in the #2 spot on the countdown.

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