"Retro Rad" INVADES Epcot

Well, does that catch your attention?

Did you just ask yourself, what is “Retro-Rad?”

Lets explain… I happen to have the honor of knowing a quite unique individual named Emily. Do you know her? I know, asking if you know anyone named Emily is not very specific…

Alright, how about the Retro-Rad, Chic, Cool and Sassy Miss Emily Ellyn from The Next Food Network Star?

Emily Ellyn

Now were getting somewhere! I was glued to the show and I was amazed to have our dear friend Emily highlighted on Food Network! Now, she is everywhere! Well, guess what? I’m a DISNEY FAN and Emily is coming to Epcot!

Join us tonight for a very special Pirate Radio on 7SeasRadio.com while we have Emily Ellyn LIVE with us from Epcot, and as we spend the weekend with her, we will be traveling around the World Showcase, sampling food and wines! Then, we are off to the Swan & Dolphin for the Food & Wine Classic with more food and wine! It’s an outstanding way to spend the weekend, right? Yep, we feel so too.

Follow our adventure on Twitter @WDWdads, @Emily_Ellyn as we enter Food & Wine heaven with a tasteful culinary vengeance! Watch out Swan & Dolphin, were coming full throttle!!


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