Recent Disney Trip Round-up

My resort had a statue in my honor!

I recently returned from an epic seven-day adventure with my wife and daughters, and have some quick observations about our trip.

  • I’m old.  Yeah, being young at heart is nice and all, but it only goes so far when you are also old at back and knees and everywhere else.  My daughter’s cries for “Uppies!” became painful near the end of the week.  I probably lost about two inches in height from carrying her on my shoulders all week
  • Every time I ride Pirates, I thank my lucky stars the Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion movie tanked.  I love the ride and I love (most of) the movies, but I still haven’t accepted the combination.  It’s not a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Keep the flavors separate.  (I have a feeling this won’t be popular, but hey, neither was I in high school!)
  • Heated pools in August in Florida are not very refreshing.  At least I hope they were heated.  They were warm and there were a lot of kids swimming in them.  Or maybe it was just the insane temps.  Which leads me to my next point –
  • August in Florida is hot.  This is obvious.  Rhode Island is hot in August too, but Florida offers a special kind of sticky-hot not readily available up north.  We had planned to stop taking our kids out of school for trips and focus on the summer from now on.  Then we went in August. 
  • When did iPads become cameras?  Why, yes, Mr. Person-standing-in-front-of-me-at-the-Main-Street-Electrical-Parade.  I would much rather watch the parade through your giant screen than live in front of me.  Thank you so much for blocking my view!
  • Art of Animation is fantastic.  From the theming to food court to the resort specific merch, this place did not disappoint.  My family stayed in a Little Mermaid room.  The girls loved the Ariel touches and I loved the (relatively) short walk to get coffee.
  • Park-specific adventures make a great day even more exciting.  My kids did the Agent P World Showcase Adventure in Epcot and the Wilderness Explorers scavenger hunt in Animal Kingdom.  Usually, my kids are drawn to rides or characters.  These two games encouraged them to stop and look at what other great features the parks had to offer.  Also, the Wilderness Explorer Guides made for great free souvenirs!
  • Beer is expensive at Walt Disney World.  But a case of Yuengling delivered by some local friends isn’t!  Thanks, guys!
  • Going from regular Dining Plan to Quick Service Dining Plan takes a little adjustment…  I mentioned in an earlier post that I was getting the Quick Service plan instead of the regular ol’ Dining Plan.  I was excited to be free from the pre-scheduled ADRs.  A couple days in, however, I found myself forgetting to eat a meal because I didn’t have any reservations in the back of my mind.  It got to the point where we found ourselves with 12 meals for four people on our last day.  Needless to say, I ate like a king that day. 
  • Space Mountain is still awesome.  Seriously, 24 years after first riding it, I still scream like a little boy.   I also do that on the Mad Tea Party.  I really have to stop doing that.  I am scaring people.
  • I have already begun planning our next trip.  Actually this began on the plane ride home.


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