Radio Rebel – on DVD

Get ready for another Disney movie your tweens will love! Radio Rebel. Disney’s newest tween sensational movie. If you had a thing for High School Musical, this have all the fun without an overkill of bursting into song!

The story of Tara Adams, aka Debby Ryan, who is at best, a typical yet shy teenager in her senior year of high school. Does everyone have a timid friend they remember when they were in high school? Perhaps someone who hardly ever spoke and was too embarrassed to get up in front of the class? Enter Tara Adams. Tara is the girl who cant make eye contact, yet alone make friends easily, however, we all do have a darker side, right?

Tara is a secret DJ Podcaster, from the safety of her bedroom, Tara transforms the internet airwaves and is known as Radio Rebel. It’s a story of a kid being a kid and learning sometimes, its ok to be amazing! She finds struggles as she gains “secret” success, but you all know how Disney movies end right? Well, the entire movie has (of course) a love story, drama and a ton of fun for any age. My 13 year old watched it with us and loved it. That also could be because we do a podcast from our house every Thursday, so I think he is used to the idea… haha

It shows kids to think outside the box and to be themselves. With all the drama going on with the bullies and kids today fighting for their own self esteem, it’s good to have a movie kids can watch to understand that sometimes being the outcast is cool, just find yourself first.

In the end (oops, cant give that one away…) Lets just say it may make a few of you learn how to be an internet podcaster!

Radio Rebel is available in stores on DVD.

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