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On New Years Eve, Disney Parks announced their “One More Disney Day” promotion, asking what would YOU do if you had just one more “Disney Day” added to your vacation. And to give you that chance at “One More Disney Day,” Disney Parks also kicked off a contest to award families a chance to win a 5 day/4 night trip, to either Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida along with $1000 Disney gift card and other perks.

Between now and February 29th, Disney will pick a total of 60 winners from Disney Fans who enter online at or SMS text the word “DISNEYDAY” to DISNEY (347639). You can grab a peek at what people like Donny Osmond, Kelly Ripa, and Joey Fatone would do with their “One More Disney Day” by heading to

On the face of it, “One More Disney Day” is the logical extension of Disney’s “Let The Memories Begin” campaign. In fact, Disney is encouraging you to share the memories you’d make on that “One More Day” at

But it’s that day on this leap year, February 29th, 2012, that Disney Parks is doing something unprecedented – both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are staying open for 24 hours straight, from 6am on February 29th until 6am on March 1st.

Disney One More Day 24

Whether you’re one of the lucky 60 families who score a free vacation or are just planning on being there, it really is both Disney Parks being open for a solid day which has generated the most excitement. The Disney fan community is abuzz with the possibilities. What would you do with 24 hours in Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

And that’s what we here at the Walt Disney World Dads would like to know! In the comments section below, share your plans and ideas (either real or hypothetical) on what you would do for 24 straight hours in the Park. Would you, like Kelly Ripa, ride “It’s A Small World” over and over? Or relive a childhood memory like Joey Fatone, who as a former Cast Member hopes for just one more chance to perform in “Spectromagic?”

We think you’re a more creative bunch of Disney Fans! Oh, sure you’d pick of few of your favorite attractions and ride them again and again. Or maybe you’d make it your mission to get your picture taken with every single character? Gorge yourself on Mickey Premium bars? The chance to do things knowing the park will not close for 24 solid hours opens the door to almost endless possibilities. Share yours with us!

And as for this WDW Dad? Me? What will I do? I’m going to do everything. And the best part is, I don’t have to rush around. I’m going “all in” and staying the FULL 24 hours in Walt Disney World. I plan on being there well before 6am and watching Rope Drop. Even if it is during the dark (The sun doesn’t rise until 6:50am that day) and staying in the park until someone politely reminds me, “Sir, the exit is that way.”

I’m going to ride every single attraction that is open. And then do it again. I’m going to sit at the end of that little alley just off Main Street U.S.A. down past the caricature guy and simply “soak it all in.

I’m going to eat chocolate-covered frozen bananas for breakfast and Dole Whips until I can eat no more. I’m stopping at every single store, merchandise kiosk, and pin trading stand because there’s no rush to get it done “before the park closes.” Because it won’t close. I’m watching every parade and chasing every character that makes an appearance. I’m riding the horse drawn carriage from the Train Station to Cinderella’s Castle, getting off and doing it again. And speaking of the Walt Disney World Railroad, I plan on finding out precisely how many times you can go the full ride until the conductor looks at me as if to say, “Is that guy ever getting off?” And since the the TTA People Mover is one of my favorite things at Walt Disney World, I’m going to ride that endlessly. And I’m going to explore every single inch of Tom Sawyer Island just because I can. And yes, I’m going to scout for quiet places for a cat nap. I’m thinking “The Hall of Presidents” sounds pretty good right now.

And this is just what I’m planning on doing as of this writing. As Disney releases more details about what exactly is going to be open the whole 24 hours – the Disney website quietly announces “select attractions, entertainment and services” will be operating – the possibilities remain endless. The “Disney Magic” is there for the taking, and I plan on grabbing onto as much of it as humanly possible.

And I’d like you to be a part of it! I’ll be live Tweeting and sending pictures on a brand new Twitter account –!/24HoursInDisney – set up especially for this event. Whether you’re going to be there, or just wishing you were, give it a click and follow along. Or even better, join in and share your “One More Disney Day” plans and maybe even meet up with fellow Disney fans who are going to be there with those of us spending 24 Hours In Disney.


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  • January 27, 2012 at 6:13 am

    How awesome!! My Disney twin and I were planning to be in Disney to live blog leap day before they announced the 24-hour opening … and this just makes things all the better!!

    We’re looking for other live bloggers for the day, too. You can learn more and sign up at

    John, I wonder if we can add your live tweets to our live blog stream??


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