Once Upon A Time, Still So Involved

Once Upon a Time has to be one of my favorite American fantasy-drama TV Series. It airs every Sunday night at 8:00pm ET 7:00pm CT and I can’t ever miss it! The show is now into its second season and I’m sill so involved in its storyline.

The show takes place in a town called Storybrooke in Maine. Everyone who lives there are fairytale characters who get transported by a curse cast by the Evil Queen, but they don’t know who they are in the “real world”. Their only hope is the daughter of Snow What and Prince Charming named Emma Swan, who had traveled to the “real world” by a magical tree before the curse was set. Emma has to save StoryBrooke in the first season which leads into the second season going on now.

        Snow White and Prince Charming

The second season pulls us into two separate worlds even more, the “fairy tale land” which they came from, and the”real world” in StoryBrooke. Besides the main characters from the first season, we have new exciting characters that have come along in the second, such as Mulan, Aurora, Captain Hook, Mad Hatter, Cora (Evil Queens mother) and more. I have not been disappointed watching this seasonyet and look forward to each Sunday to see what I am going to learn next about the characters. Most of the episodes focuses in to one character and tells you a little about their past and brings you deeper into the story itself.


Of all the characters in Once Upon A Time, I would say that Mr. Gold (also known in the fairy tale world as Rumplestiltskin) has to be my favorite to watch each week. He is the one who really holds all the fairy tale characters together in both worlds. Robert Carlyle does such an amazing job bring Rumplestiltskin to life in the series. I love his story line for you learn about how many more characters he really plays in the fantasy world.



If you love fantasy and  fairy tales, then you should check out this season on ABC. I promise you that you will get hooked and wishing that Storybrooke really did exist so you could meet your favorite character.

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