My Top 20 Attractions to see at Walt Disney World

Last week and the next few weeks I am going to bring to WDWdads, my top 20 attractions at Walt Disney World. Now, there are many great and wonderful attractions at WDW and it was hard to pick my top 20. I had to think about the attractions I can’t miss every time I go to each of the four parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. So, I made a list of attractions that I could miss out on when I visit the land where fantasy lives. Each time I post, I will have 5 great attractions that you will want to check out when you head to the parks.

Here are my picks from 15-11

11. Haunted Mansion: Do you love ghosts? Always wants to go through walls and scare humans at night? This attraction is a great for those that enjoy a good haunt! You will board a “Doom Buggy” and begin your spooky journey through a haunted mansion. They do ask at the end if you would like to join them…so feel free to give your name! There is no Fastpass, but the line is always moving. There is normally not a huge wait for this line, except during the busy season. It cane be scary for some children, but there is a escape route for those that get spooked before going on the ride inside. Enjoy your adventure through the mansion and happy haunts! This ride is located in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom.

12. DINOSAUR: This attraction for me was intense! You don’t start off in peacefulness, and then go to a rough ride…you just start off already at the end of time for the Dinosaurs and the ride is moving fast! You are in search of a special dinosaur to bring back in time with you. I have to warn you that you meet MANY dinosaurs along the way until you find that one..and some are not friendly. A child needs to be 40 inches taller to ride. There is Fastpass so if you want to skip the line, you can do so here. I never have for when I go the line is never that long. This ride is located in Dinoland USA, Animal Kingdom.

13. Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show! : Love Cars, Stunts, and lots of Action? Here at this 33-minute stunt show you will see many amazing car stunts. You will also get to see Lightning McQueen now, for he joined the show in June 2011! For every boy and man’s dream is to be racing behind the wheel of a really cool, fast, sports car! This show is great! There is Fastpass so you can get to the head of the line! This show is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

14. Pirates of the Caribbean : Loved seeing Captain Jack Sparrow on the Big Screen? Well now you can see him three times while traveling on a boat in Pirates of the Caribbean. You will feel like a pirate as you enter their world. But don’t take their treasure for if they catch you, you will be hearing this “dead men tell no tales.” This ride is inside and you travel in a boat. There is a 14-foot drop over a waterfall into pirate caves, which I enjoy but some might find scary in the dark. There is no Fastpass, so you will be waiting in line. This line can be packed during the day, I normally try to go visit my pirate friends in the morning. If you want to be a pirate, then head over to Adventureland in Magic Kingdom!

15. The Seas With Nemo and Friends : Young and Old enjoy this ride. It’s a sit down ride that moves like the Haunted Mansion, slow and inside. If you enjoyed watching Nemo, then you will love this attraction. You get to go into Nemo’s world and see all the creatures from the movie. My favorite part is that at the end where there is real-life fish living in a 5.7 million gallon salt-water tank swimming behind Nemo and his friends. This ride is has no Fastpass and average can be a good 45 minute wait. It is located in Epcot.

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