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For 6 years now I have spent countless times going to Walt Disney World on vacation. Why only six year you ask? Well, lets go back for a second. I’ve been going for almost 30 years actually, but spending romantic visits for 6 years now. Yes, you guessed it, it’s my 6 year wedding anniversary and again, we will spend it in the Walt Disney World.

Will you hear complaints from me? Absolutely not! In fact, I am hoping to continue the tradition. First of all, it’s one of the most romantic places on earth. Yes, I did just say that Walt Disney World, in Orlando Florida is one of the most romantic places on earth! Don’t believe me? Read on…

Inside the Polynesian Resort at WDW

First of all, romantic can be summed up by a lot of different feelings and terms, but to me, romantic setting, would be the Polynesian Resort at night. If you have stayed here, you already know what I mean and for those of you who haven’t, once again, keep reading.  The Polynesian Resort stands above the rest of the hotels on property, not by height, but by the setting of beautiful Hawaii in a private atmosphere. If you haven’t stayed here or even looked at the resort online, here is a brief view of what you are missing.

The resort sits against private waters being shared by only the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in the distance. But the area becomes a romantic setting once the sun goes down as Tiki torches burn into the night and the blow of amber lights across the lagoon stands above all else in the world. It can be the most beautiful setting and backdrop for some great pictures or you can simply hang out together on the beach underneath a private tent or even together in a hammock beach side. You really cannot ask for more. The Poly, as we Disney people call it, is much more of a resort than many of the others. They all have beds, sheets and pillows, ok? The rooms all have a bathroom and some a little coffee maker, but the Polynesian really involves you into Hawaii and pure paradise. You really can spend a full day or couple of days just at the resort and loving every second of it. From the restaurants and dining experiences and even the amazing Luau Shows.

Be sure to tell the person who is booking your reservation (hopefully using the wonderful people at “Love the Mouse Travel” since they sponsor us and their services are FREE) but however you book your vacation, be sure and tell them if your celebrating something. A birthday, an anniversary, etc. They accommodate all kinds of events and they love doing it! It’s the little touches to make you feel special. Chocolate dipped strawberry’s in the room with Champagne on ice, etc. Oh yeah, Disney will bring it!

View from the Polynesian

Be sure to take advantage of what your paying for. Don’t just spend all day in the parks walking and killing yourself, ride to ride and attraction to attraction. Spend time with each other and really looking around, taking in all Disney has to offer. You’ll be surprised how romantic the Disney Resorts can be if you let them.

Also keep in mind the dining events and be sure to let your host or hostess that it is your special day. You’ll again be amazed at the lengths they sometimes go for your happiness. That’s the Disney Magic!

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  • September 20, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    I love the Poly. It is in my veiw the best resort on property. Also, I agree with your point about spending time exploring the resort… I have spent days where I never left the Poly, I just wandered the grounds.


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