Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party 2013


It’s that time of year again!

Welcome back folks to the spookiest, scariest, kid-friendly Halloween party around. Yes, the #MNSSHP for all you Twitter users out there, but we will call it by it’s proper name, The Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

First are a few pieces of advice if planning a trip that involves this party:

  1. Remember this is a seperate ticket event, regular park admission will not get you in!
  2. The prices vary depending on the night, so watch for this when planning your trips
  3. You can dress up for this event, it is Halloween after all. Nothing too scary allowed
  4. Remember, you will bring home a BAG of candy, so make sure if your a psrent, you are ready for that!


Whats New?

Well, not too much as part of the Halloween event. We have a brand new Sorcers Card for the Halloween ticket night, so be sure to stop either in the firehouse or just behind the Liberty Tree Tavern for your special card! It’s actually quite awesome being the Haunted Mansion Ghosts this time.

Lets see… the parade is basically the same, Hallowishes (Fireworks) are the same and yes, the candy is also the same. I will say that it is still a fun event, even though not much is different. You do have all the new expansions opened up since last time, so there are plenty more candy trails that they never had before!

Here is a wonderful picture from that night with the park decorated in fall fashion.


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