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Lets start right in to the Man’s Guide to the Disney Parks.  What to do, where to go and why you would want to do it.  Lets start in the Magic Kingdom.  The Magic Kingdom can be tricky and also a bit skeptical for most guys…  Singing down main street, hanging out with Minnie and Mickey…etc.

Ok, guys, first of all, you know you love it! Secondly, you can admit it here, no women are allowed here. (we can pretend) Hey, it’s the Disney Man Cave!  You have plenty of fun things to do here in the Magic Kingdom.  Head straight into the park and turn into Frontierland.  This Disney staple has all the outfitting of the old west with gunslingers, wilderness adventures and one of the best lunch spots of all – Pecos Bills.Pecos Bills This little gem has the best burger fixins bar available in all the parks.  Although you may not always want a burger (your a guy, you should!) you can add tons of cheese sauce, mushrooms, onions and tons of other stuff. Some places just give you a burger on a bun with ketchup and mustard.

Frontierland also has some great rides for guys. Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad and for the younger guys, Tom Sawyers Island.  Thunder Mountain has a bit more punch than you may think. You might remember the bouncing train ride as a kid, but I can assure you that even as an adult, you can relive some great times and this railroad will put a smile back on anyone’s face.  Splash Mountain has it’s own vibe and some love it or hate it.  To slowly ride through the bayou of critters and see the amazing Disney story of Brear Bear and his pals gives you a bit of relaxing times.  Slowly but surely as you travel through an air conditioned water park in the dark, you seamlessly ride up and up inside and caves until you are ready for the drop!  Splash Mountain has a huge drop down through the waterfall that splashes just about any passenger.  Be prepared and have a rain coat or poncho ready before riding. You have been warned…

After a western world tour of Frontierland, you can cut across to Adventureland and quickly get on Pirates of the Caribbean.  Now, I would assume you have not lived under a rock the past few years and have watched the amazing Johnny Depp in one of his best roles ever as Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.  Amazingly as you might not know, Pirates of the Caribbean was around long before Mr. Depp made his drunken rum character stagger onto the scene.  Pirates of the Caribbean was established and dreamed by Walt Disney, originally as a wax museum walk through, opened in California in 1967.  We later got the Walt Disney World in Orlando edition in 1973.  Now, this newest version has been revamped into including the movie versions and dramatically shows the known pirate Jack, excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow.  Many younger generations now think of the ride as an adaptation of the film, however that is backwards.  Pirates will always have a great show and is a must-do for any guy in the parks!

Adventureland also houses the famous Jungle Cruise that takes adventurers on a water safari through the jungles of animated crocs and other creatures.  Some of the kids rides are also in this part of the Magic Kingdom, so we’ll skip over those, being the manly men we are! AARRGH!

Keep in mind if you love the movie Aladdin, we will not make fun of you for riding the Magic Carpets first before leaving.

Now, onto Tomorrowland!  Tomorrowland houses a few special moments for the Disney Dads.  First, Space Mountain, the original thrill ride of Disney has been revamped last year and is greater than ever! Yes, a roller coaster in the dark, flying around in space with tons of lighting effects and spooky sounds to keep you smiling.  A bit less dramatic than Rockin’ Rollercoaster, but non the less, very fun and another must-do.  You will also come across the Stitch ride and Buzz Lightyear.  A Toy Story fan (we know you are!) will love the space flight shooter of the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger ride.  You are spinning, shooting all in a 3D environment all around you.  Shot targets, earn points.  It’s what every guy yearns for, guns and competition!

They have tons to do and keep you busy for quite a few hours.  You can run around and see everything, or act like a burly guy and only do manly things, but either way we know you were laughing on the inside during Peter Pan’s Flight.  You can’t not watch the mermaids and Tinkerbell…


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  • April 5, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    such a great post! it could also be used as a ‘little boys’ guide to disneyland. i have three little guys who are less than enthusiastic about doing the princess version of a disneyland trip. we miss the swiss family robinson treehouse. that was always a huge hit.
    thanks for the tip about Pecos Bills. we’ll have to try that one next time.
    hi via UBP,


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