Justice League Review, Spoilers, Easter Eggs and Walnuts Continued

Continued from… Part 1 (Review)

SPOILER ALERTS – Justice League Easter Eggs

Barry Allen to Bruce Wayne: “Wait, what is your super power? Do you even have one?”

Bruce Wayne: “I’m rich.” (slides into gold Mercedes Batmobile)

Truer words have never been spoken, Bruce.

Ezra Miller as The Flash is the welcome, ongoing comic relief. On occasion, it’s a bit overkill, but for the most part, he’s entirely likable and laugh-out-loud funny. Ray Fisher as Cyborg is pretty great, too. For a couple of no-names in a cast of acting heavy weights, these two are a breath of fresh air, and the scenes they’re in are some of the best. Upon leaving the theater, I have found some of their scenes to be the most memorable.
If you’ll bear with me a little more, let’s transition from brownie analogies back to football.

Best play of the game: Superman comes back from the dead, first, as dubbed by The Flash “in a Pet Cemetery kind of way,” and then as his charming, supermodel meets boy-next-door, ripped, humanity-loving, cape-wearing self. Boy, was it glorious too. The whole theater clapped and whistled out loud. It was a full-on Christ-like resurrection story. Savior dies fighting evil. He needs to be reborn in order to save humanity. All-consuming cyclical power that represents life/creation/death is charged with electricity and used to bring him back to life. Mankind will no longer be subjected to the single resolution of death and destruction beyond hope. Didn’t I say (Lois said), “Hope is real.” Damn straight it is, especially with Clark Kent back in the game. Plus, you didn’t really think Superman was gone for good, did you?

Best Superman line in the whole film…

Superman (hovering in the air while holding Batman by the throat): DO YOU BLEED?

**hurls Batman aside as soon as Lois arrives on scene**

Batman (to himself groaning): Yep. Definitely bleeding somewhere.

Dad-bod Batman may have somewhat won me over, but all it takes is a shirtless scene in the cornstalks with Superman to have me rethinking my life decisions. Lois Lane’s got her fingertips placed on his bare chest just above his stomach. She thought he was dead. He only sees her.

Lois: “You smell good.”
Clark: “Did I not before?”
Lois: “What did it feel like, to come back from the dead?”
Clark: “Itchy.”

Itchy? Who writes this shit?

It doesn’t matter though, because in that moment, I am her. I can feel his chest and the butterflies in mine. I can almost smell him myself through the movie theater screen. Lois, I hear you, girl, and Clark, you could smell like you hadn’t showered in days. It’s ok, honey. Like I said, this movie was made for the ladies.

Another accomplishment for Justice League is its soundtrack. As our fellow staff writer Heath Scott so perfectly stated:
Danny Elfman scored Justice League and totally used the original theme and his , and I love it. He’s blending the music of the new themes with the old ones; however, you don’t hear as much Superman. What really stands out is the old Batman theme.”

It’s the musical genius of Elfman, the reinvention of old classics (especially Gary Clark Jr.’s version of “Come Together” during the credits), combined with the use of more modern, catchy music and lyrics that proves to successfully engage viewers of all ages, and fans who adore these timeless characters.

In case you haven’t figured out who my MVP is, I’ve saved her for last. Gal Gadot carries this film, and not because she’s a woman, but because she’s simply wonderful. From the moment we first see her she’s a beacon of strength and equality, standing tall atop the scales of justice overlooking the entire city. Her character is meant to be a message to both the other characters in the film, and to us viewers in real life. Justice is blind. Hope is love. Unity is strength. Her opening scene is saving a group of men, women and children from terrorists open-firing semi-automatic weapons at the crowd. These terrorists make claims the sinful must be rid of, and that things must go back to the ways of the dark ages where holy fear reigns. Upon deflecting every bullet and stopping an explosion, the terrorist asks, “What are you,” to which she simply replies, “I am a believer.” AMEN sister. Me too. Is her opening scene a very transparent political statement? Yep, and I’m totally ok with that. Diana/Wonder Woman fights, cares, struggles and leads by example throughout the film, and Gadot nails this to perfection. She is, in every way, the MVP of this entire cast.

While it’s easy to nitpick at technical shortcomings and cheesy lines, it’s the moments in this film that left me feeling fond of it. Is it not true that when you surround yourself with positive, hopeful people it tends to rub off? Diana/Arthur moments, Barry/Victor moments, Flash/Superman moments (stay through the credits), and Diana/Bruce moments are funny, warm and memorable. If only Justice League hadn’t been released after the successful juggernaut Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps it still stands a chance. Here’s to hope, and hoping you enjoy it. Something tells me after the second post-credits teaser, we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of the league(s).

In case you havent watched the epic trailer:

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