Jim Korkis – Storyteller Extraordinaire

There are few people who have passion for Disney like Jim Korkis.  Even myself, although a Disney fan cannot even imagine the brain capacity it takes to remember and relive but also be able to tell stories the way Walt himself would have wanted to listen to.  If you could bottle up Jim Korkis, you would have memories of Disneyland and Disneyworld to last a lifetime.


I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jim during “Pixelmania”.  A true photographers & Disney fans group!  These guys and gals have some major lenses. No, seriously, they do. But during this storytelling adventure Jim took us through The Disney Wilderness Lodge.  A beast of a resort in size that resembles the great outdoors and American Indian heritage.  A truly great place so host such an event.

Jim begins each tour by walking the premises to ensure nothing has changed since his last visits.  Amazing how he can remember the details, but he already knows exactly what he is looking for.  Jim Korkis, first and foremost is a Disney Historian.  He is also a Disney Legend.  Well, legend to the Disney community and highly respected from the Disney family.  To know the history about Walt Disney is to know Jim Korkis.

If you are ever given the distinct pleasure to spend any time possible with this amazing man, I assure you it is time well spent.  We were given an amazing tour of the resort and let in on all (or most) of the Disney secrets of the resort and it’s construction.  From beginning to end, Jim has you so invited into the story and his knowledge runs so deep you think your watching a live Wikipedia unfold.

Spending time in the resort, traveling from floor to floor you will see many relics and Jim knows all about many if not all of them. Which ones are legitimate, which are made correctly and which have an amazing story behind them.  He even knew the entire story of the totem pole and the dolphin princess.

If you are given the chance to meet Jim Korkis or be in any event he hosts, I recommend signing up early and attending.  If you are a Disney fan, it’s an afternoon to remember.

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