iPhone 7 Leaked Information – Is it worth the hype? Apple thinks so.

So, the new Apple iPhone 7 is coming! Who is excited as I am? (sarcasm)

The new iPhone7 will have an amazing look, smooth feel, be lighter, faster and smarter than any phone before it. I would also guess it is made of pure glass and be ready to smash in seconds of ownership. Well, that is not the case, but from what I hear it may actually be a nice marvel to stand in line for.


The phone wont change to drastically, we think, in terms of size and shape. I think Apple learned from the last release, that size matters. It will be removing and going to for a “minimal approach” to buttons and inputs as well. No headphone jack, no home button, it will appear sleeker overall.

The new True Tone display should mean faster response times, as if they were bad before? I have had 3 iPhones, and all have been pretty good there.

32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage tiers replace 16GB, 64GB and 128GB in storage, which is a nice bump for those of you who never take anything off your phone (you know who you are)


Dual Better ambient lighting sensors for darker shots. This is a huge upgrade, but we will have to see what that means in real life, not just paper. It also adds a second lens for the camera on the rear. You now have a wide angle and a telephone lens, both 12MP respectively.

The camera also adds double the LED flashes for cooler or warmer flash tones. This is absolutely a mush for the amateur photographer, as getting the flash colors right makes all the difference.


Smooth feel, less buttons to snag on jeans, and less fumbling. It should now feel like a sleek bar of soap, waiting to slip onto the pavement easily. (ugh, wait for it… “smash”)

The antennae lines on the back are also gone. Wait, you did not know that is what they were? Me either, but they are removed.

You may also see new color options… Apple has hinted around, but nothing confirmed yet.


No home button, instead it will be touch sensor, as you would have guessed for minimal look. The headphone jack is gone, but I think most everyone knew that already. It will have a 3.5mm to lightning jack adapter though, so an extra piece of junk to keep in your pocket if you wear your headphone like most millennia’s now. (Cant be too far away from my Beats man…)

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