Guys like Disney?

Get ready for the most interesting take on Walt Disney World that you never saw coming!  The “WDW Dads” stand tall and are amongst the leaders in Disney Information and travel advice.  Who said Disney was just for kids (or girls)?!

The Disney culture has grown to include all walks of life.  From one end of the world to the next, the society around the magic is growing each and everyday. Many people, men included, feel lost in this world. We are here to help keep you in focus and make the most out of any Disney vacation.  Here at Disney Dad’s, we have a whimsical approach to the Disney lifestyle. Some of us dress up on Halloween, but some of us go all out and dress up like a Disney Character on Halloween and prance through the Magic Kingdom getting as much candy as we can, riding the rides in the dark…  Hey, to each, his own.

This site was put together for the Disney enthusiasts who maybe haven’t come out yet.  Something inside of them has been brewing. When they watch some of the Disney movies, tears fall from their cheeks, you know, that sort of stuff.  Just admit it, you love Disney!  OK, stand up, and yell at the the top of your voice, “I LOVE DISNEY!!”

Now, do you feel better?

Now that we got that out of the way, lets move on:

There is a shared respect for the Disney Dad in the parks. Hanging out, pushing strollers or just grabbing a frozen Margarita from the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot, (hey, we don’t judge), or chugging down the newest Octoberfest Beer in Germany, we all have similarities.  Well, that settles it, pack your bags and get your tickets and we’ll meet at the front gates!  Lets join up, get together and have the best Disney Guy’s night out!

OK, maybe I got ahead of myself, but that’s kind of the point isn’t it?  I mean, it can be hard to have a true guys night out anymore once marriage and children settle in.  We all love our families, but sometimes you need that man-connection (did I just really say that?).  Many of us here in the WDWD (code name, shhh) have met up for a man’s night out in Disney.  Yes, I said it, DISNEY!

Don’t believe me?  There can be tons of stuff to do for a group of guys wanting something more to see than Dumbo and Tinkerbell.  OK, I admit it, Tink is sort of my favorite character, but hey, we all have a vice.

Join us this October the 4th at 6pm for the first ever “WDW Dads Meet”. We will be meeting at the Mexico Pavilion and heading to the countries and running on rides! Drinks and attractions? YES, were ready to ROCK!

The link is here for the info for our meet in Epcot:

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