Happy Birthday Walt!

Yes, today is the birthday of the main man Walter Elias Disney.  He entered the world on the 5th of December 1901, and for many of us changed our worlds forever.

Walt Disney

Having read quite a lot about him over the years, it is clear that he was a very driven man, and perhaps not the cuddly Uncle that was the image portrayed on his television shows.  Every genius is flawed in some way I suppose, and there is no doubting his genius, drive, ambition, and above all else willingness to take a risk.

I am in awe at some of the risks he took over the years which showed a level of bravery  and conviction that meant that any rewards he did get were fully deserved.

His journey from aspiring artist to the head and inspiration for a multi-national entertainment monolith is incredible, and his legacy for me is to have changed the standards, expectations and benchmarks for theme parks and resorts around the world.  His creations are still the benchmark for everyone else to strive for!  So many times when all around him told him he was mad to try something he went ahead anyway, risking it all, and most times being proved right.

So wherever you are Walt, I hope you are looking down happy and proud of your achievements, although I bet you’re itching to change a few things that you can see in your beloved parks now.  I won’t mention Stitch’s Great Escape if you don’t!

From me, and all my family a heartfelt thank you for creating something so special across multiple media and in multiple locations.  You have truly enhanced our lives, and for that I am forever grateful.


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  • December 6, 2012 at 10:04 am

    Thank you for all you do here. keeping us up to date on things thank you.


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