Free WiFi at Disney?

YES! Finally the rumors are true, Disney will introduce FREE Wifi to DVC and Deluxe Resorts only at this time.  Better than nothing!  The old $9.95 per day was more outrageous than Comcast!

It’s nice to see that Disney understands how important the internet is to so many. Think about it, we (as social blogs) use it daily and especially on vacation to keep in touch, upload the newest pictures, blogs, videos and more of all of our stuff every day, sometimes every hour!



  1. Must admit I was really, really happy to read that has happened. I coped OK last year when I had zero connectivity but I would love to be able to blog/tweet and g+ a bit when I go next year. Once I get back to the resort I always have an hour or so to kill and unwind to just being hyper as opposed to super-hyper so uploading a few pics and seeing what my regulars have been up to will be just fine. Plus I am Scots so no way was I paying $9.95 for 24 hours, lol

  2. I love this news. As a blogger, and self-employed web designer, Disney has empowered me to not only do my work when on vacation (freeing me to vacation with them more), but also allowing us bloggers to share our pictures, stories, and experiences with friends, family, and fans while we’re enjoying Disney magic. It really behooves them to empower us to live-blog our vacations, as it truly is the future. Kudos, Disney!

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