Food, Dangerous Food.

When you visit WDW for longer periods of time, as those of us from outside the US tend to do, you can find yourself travelling home with some serious excess baggage.  I am not in any way referring to the twenty seven new T shirts, three pairs of trainers (that’ll be sneakers to you) and three cases of souvenirs.  The excess baggage is usually attached to your body in whatever place you tend to carry those extra pounds.

With at least two weeks of dining out two or three times a day, you can, and I have, add ten or so pounds in one holiday.  Over the years we have learned that we need to pace ourselves as all too easily, you can fall into the “big breakfast” trap.

This is a common one for those relatively new to the US style of dining.  It goes like this.

Due to the time difference, UK visitors find themselves up and about very early on their first morning in the US.  No matter how tiring your journey may have been, your body still thinks you are in the UK, and 3am Florida time is 8am back in the UK.  It is not unusual to find yourself unable to get back to sleep at around 4am.

So after watching three hours or so of adverts on the TV (and we don’t mind, as it is all very new and exciting at this stage, until that is we discover the Appliance Direct ad!!), we are all showered, dressed and ready for action.  Hunger has also kicked in in a big way, and so the “big breakfast” trap is sprung.

DennysTypically at a Dennys or Perkins style eatery you will peruse the menu with eyes the size of dinner plates, in awe at the myriad of magical mouth watering marvels that you can choose from.  For me, if a breakfast has to come on two plates then it is a good one.  Only in the US will a Brit contemplate having maple syrup and bacon anywhere near each other!

So having eaten around a week’s calories in that one meal, you say, with all good intentions…

“Well, we won’t need to eat now until this evening”.  You almost believe it yourself, but the biggest lies a man tells is to himself.

Alas, some four or five hours later, after a couple of miles of walking around a scorching hot theme park, inexplicably you start to get hungry.  With your body clock lost somewhere over the Atlantic, you can find yourself in Cosmic Rays or the Electric Umbrella at 10.30am, chowing down on a huge burger and fries.

Follow that with a three course meal in the evening, and you are taking in more calories than you may think humanly possible.  Still, we’re doing lots of walking right?  We’re covering miles and miles of theme park every day, so surely that will burn off these huge meals?  Don’t kid yourself.  You may be walking, but at the same time your hands are seldom empty, and it only takes on Toll House Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, and you’ll be flying home spread across two seats on the aeroplane (that’s airplane to you!).

If you so much as walk by a Funnel Cake, your arteries will close up involuntarily, and your vital organs will start to shut down.

In some of our early trips, certainly the ones I did with my parents in the 80’s, we started every day with a huge breakfast.  Not only did that do me irrepairable harm, but it also burned up valuable theme park touring time.  These days, when I’m charge of the itinerary, we do one or two of these big breakfast starts per trip, usually with at least one character breakfast, as we (I) like to be in a park nice and early, so we can be first in the queue for Funnel Cake!!

Kitchen SinkMore recently as I have stumbled into my forties, I have strangely found myself actually wanting a salad at times.  I don’t recognise this person to be honest, and I’m not entirely comfortable with it.  I think it is similar to only liking broccoli when you reach the age of forty?  However, on the odd occassion we do partake in a good old US breakfast, I do make up for these new odd healthy cravings.  Where a buffet is involved I have been known to inflict bankruptcy on a place if they are not expecting me!  The sign of a proper “Brit on holiday in Florida” breakfast is when it includes things like Strawberry soup.  Having said all of that, I cannot beat my wife’s effort of many years ago, when we went crazy in a Golden Corral, and she finished off her breakfast with two peices of chocolate cake.

Then again, I did have a Kitchen Sink for my breakfast on my fortieth birthday!!

Still, we didn’t need to eat again until that evening……or did we????

2 thoughts on “Food, Dangerous Food.

  • October 22, 2011 at 11:21 am

    what a great article – amused me cause i am sitting here mulling over how much i gained on my last trip!

  • October 24, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Loving your posts on here- how true we do exactly the same eat too much buy too much and then go and do it all again!!

    Keep up the good work.

    Toby (DisneyDad-The Dibb)


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