Food allergies and intolerances – a quick tip.

Disney will always strive to create that magic touch for you- from it’s entertainment and attractions, right the way down to dining. And with us being known as a wacky family of eaters- with one vegetarian, a gluten free, one complete fusspot (myself) and a man who likes what he likes-primarily meat- going to eat has been in the past a nightmare of a task.

This was mainly because up until fairly recently being “gluten free” was a phrase practically unheard of in the parks, and just when you think you’ve explained yourself and your intolerance, a load of bread would be dumped in front of you. This as I said was a time ago.

When we first used the Disney dining plan we were able to state any allergies we had in our advance booking online, we thought nothing of this until our first table service meal, (a breakfast) where my mother was greeted by the chef! He took her around the breakfast tables and specified what would be safe for her to have, and additionally asked if he could make her something. It was here she that was presented with her first ever mickey waffle!

It didn’t stop there either- from then on a chef spoke to her at every table service. She’d never eaten as well! (You can obviously tell your server of any allergies you have on arrival if you haven’t already stated so in your bookings, and the same thing will be done). Even at quick service spots if the word “allergy” came up she was given alternate options- as well as the same menu options but prepared specifically for her needs. She never thought she’d be eating a pizza or even a chicken nugget at Disneyworld.

It’s great to see how Disney are thinking of just about everything to keep everyone satisfied. Things are definitely improving. Previously if you were a vegetarian, it was a salad or veggie burger which after a fortnight was beginning to get a tad tedious for my sister. However there are more and more options available for her it seems at each trip.

So my big tip- if you have any allergies/intolerances be SURE to let somebody know and you’ll be surprised that you won’t have to “stay safe” and stick to what you know, there are tons of options out there.


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  • June 12, 2012 at 11:26 am

    The last time we went to Disney we stayed away from the meal plan because my partner was a vegetarian and the options available were pizza, salads or just burgers at the parks. Since that time he has gone vegan and I am a vegetarian. I don’t know what options would be available for him now but I think pre-planning and talking to the staff at Disney is definitely something we would have to do before we plan another trip with our daughter.


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