Favorite Disney Movie?

OK guys, what would you say is your favorite Disney movie of all time? No one will make fun of you for saying Bambi, but you better have some good reasons to back it up! I am seeing the community now says a lot of the Nicholas Cage movies such as Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the National Treasure Saga. Then we still have a great love for the Pixar collections. Monsters, Inc., Toy Story and Cars still seem to be a great movie idea. But if your wife or girlfriend let you pick movie night, what would you recommend?

Leave some feedback below!  We want to see what’s going on out in the world.  Tell us what is in your home DVD or Bluray collection!


  1. I actually have to say that Toy Story is my favorite. I can relate and even though I am 41, they still can bring a tear to my eyes! I do have a bunch of the Pixar movies, and being divorced, I still watch them all the time!

  2. If I had to choose one, my favorite Disney movie is Treasure Planet. This is a guys’ Disney cartoon if there was one. Atlantis The Lost Empire is a close second. These movies were not made for the princess crowd and there is really nothing cutesy about them. You don’t see the characters in the parks or referenced too often anywhere like you do with the others. Good stories with great animation.

    1. I am have to (sadly) say, I have never seen it, but I do own it! I am going to watch it this weekend and write a report now, I feel ashamed… Thanks Chris

  3. I have to go with POTC – COTBP. Lost count of how many times I have seen it and its still not enough. I watched all 3 on the flights over last year on Continental and even though the 2 sequels kinda, sorta, totally suck I still have a fine old time watching Capt’n Jack swagge and stagger about the screen……a Chinese Take-away, a few drinks and POTC on the tv and I am a happy as a pig in that smelly stuff they so love.

      1. I went as a Pirate to last years MNSSHP Robin. Just a generic Pirate but all the same it was fantastic fun and I don’t think I have had such childlike fun as an adult in a very long time.

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