Fantasmic! At It's Best!

I have always been a huge Fantasmic! fan since I first stepped foot on the walkway leading to those grand seats in the amphitheater.  The amphitheater holds up to ten thousand people, but six thousand people can sit, while the other three thousand stand in the back during the twenty five minute show.  When I had first stepped into the amphitheater, I was overwhelmed and amazed!  There were so many other guests all trying to get as close, and in the middle of Fantasmic!, as they could.

Fantasmic! opens it’s gates ninety minutes before the show starts, so the best thing to do is give yourself plenty of time to find a seat.  If you can tell that the day is packed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, then try to get to Fantasmic! as fast as you can.  You may want to get there when the gates open, in order to be guaranteed a seat.

WDW Hollywood Studios Fantasmic
WDW Hollywood Studios Fantasmic

As soon as Fantasmic! is full, cast members stop letting people into the amphitheater.  When you do get inside, and near the seats, try to find a place where everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy the show.  If you sit in the first couple of rows, you will get a little wet during the performance.

The first time I went to Fantasmic! I wanted to sit someplace in the middle, but not too close up. My friends and I sat down and waited about an hour for the show to start.  They usually try to have some fun at the show while waiting.  For example, I loved how one cast member got the whole amphitheater to do the wave.  This wave was amazing!  Everyone was getting involved to see how big and fast it could become across the amphitheater.  There are also places around to get snacks, drinks, and glow-light toys.  Waiting for the show to start was never boring …well not for me at least.

The show starts with none other but Mickey Mouse, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  I also loved how the stage was on an island surrounded by water.  Because of the music, and the action of the show, no one could ever look away.  There are special dancing water effects, showing parts of Disney movies, and there are also many characters that appeared in this wonderful show.  All of my favorites where there!

WDW Characters in Fantasmic

My favorite moment was seeing Pocahontas up on a cliff.  She was so beautiful up there, and with the music that played, I was mesmerized by her.  Another of my favorite parts was when they had ferries, with princes and princesses dancing on them, floating by.  This was such a great part of Mickey’s Dream. Mickey has a Dream using the power of imagination to bring other Disney characters to the show. Mickey’s dream becomes a nightmare when the Disney’s villains try to take over.  Mickey uses his power of imagination to go against a very huge Maleficent, which was another fun part of the performance.

Mickeys Dream in Fantasmic

This gets a little intense, but there is always a happy ending, and the nightmare disappears. The show has wonderful sights, sounds, and magic. I can tell you that I was so overwhelmed, by the end of my first show at Fantasmic!, that I couldn’t wait to see it again.

Once the amazing show was over, ten thousand people will try to leave at once.  My friends and I stayed back and waited a little while for the crowds to leave, then we would start the long walk down the path that leads out of Fantasmic!  After this experience I have to say that this is one of my favorite shows at Walt Disney World. Every year I look forward to gathering with the huge crowds of other excited guests and head into the amphitheater to see a fantastic show.

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