Exotic Driving Experience GIVEAWAY

The Man Cave of Disney proudly presents our Newest and Baddest GIVEAWAY of the year! An Exotic Thrill Ride compliments of The Exotic Driving Experience from Walt Disney World Florida. The Exotic Driving Experience gives anyone over the age of 14 an experience in a Supercar that is capable of high speeds and amazing performance.

The Exotic Driving Experience has teamed up with the Walt Disney World Dads and Magic24.7 Radio to bring you a giveaway and a chance to win an amazing thrill ride inside an Exotic Supercar! I recently had the pleasure of driving and also being a passenger for one of these thrill rides. Although spending some cash ad being able to drive a Supercar is amazing, the Thrill Ride experience is a MUST DO! To be able to ride “shotgun” while a professional driver takes to the course and opens up what the good lord gave those machines are amazing.

I can honestly say that driving the cars is an experience, however, having someone who knows how to push these cars around is another. I was able to ride with Christian Fittipaldi while he drove the red Ferrari 458 at well into the 140mph range while not even breaking a sweat as he hit the turns. It’s a new world altogether.
Details below:

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  1. It’s the Audi I want. Before I got married I had a “grey market” Audi TT convertible. Without the engine limiter and with all wheel drive. Fastest car I’ve ever driven. Think of a number over 130. Then keep adding numbers until you think I’m insane.

    That fast. And on a short-shift 6 speed transmission, the torque would push you back into the seat.

    Ahhh, I still miss her.

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