Everest Challenge 5K – 2012

The Everest Challenge…  Yup, I did it.

I was one of the many who signed up to get my rear end kicked by the Yeti. Was it worth it? Yes and no. Lets elaborate:

Disney has a way of running marathon races. #runDisney was a great program designed by runners to aid in helping bring the running community to Disney. The marathons have taken over and always sell out and do very well. I’ll be honest, I am not a runner. For those of you who listen to me talk on Pirate Radio, you already know that I signed up for the Everest Challenge 5k because I thought the medal was cool. So let’s be honest here; fun? No.

The marathon itself highs and lows. The race was well thought out, the layout, setup, etc. In my opinion, the finish and the after party were the flops…

Just like any 5k, it is not too exhausting as you can basically walk if you had to. I myself, do a bit of jogging. So during your run around the parking lot of Animal Kingdom, the race begins like any other. After not very long, you soon see an obstacle course lined in front of you with some hurdles of hay. You are allowed to go around if you want, or jump over. Many people, including our present party lost items during this jumping maneuver. Cell phones, cameras all came flying out of pockets, luckily it is all on grass, and nothing was damaged. Trust me, I blame our group for not keeping these items in a safer spot, not Disney for this one!

As you continue to run and run, and well, run some more, the park is loud with cheers from cast members who line the streets in the park and Mickey and Minnie cheering you on from the roof of parade trucks! I do admit its pretty cool.

When you are thirsty and ready for water, don’t worry, they have some ready for you! Completely hot, like hot tea! Nothing was chilled, iced, nada. This was one of the biggest problems, keep in mind it is in the upper80 degree range and your running in humidity. Hot water isn’t really helping anyone.

As you finish the race, or we think we finished since there was no finish line in this event, you are handed a scavenger hunt clue, a sharpie marker and an led flashlight to continue onward. Your goal is now to walk or run and finish the task by solving clues of the Animal Kingdom.

Once completed, you travel back into the park for your medal and more HOT water and HOT Powerade. Terrible.

Many of the medals were broken. The compass did not work, the needles were stuck and some of the lids did not close on them. Many were returned for another one to replace the damaged ones and, of course, Disney ran out of medals. Yes, some people finished their race and did NOT get a medal around their neck. The medals, although look beautiful and fancy were just cheap China medals. The compass idea would have been nice, had the compass worked.


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