Driving a camper or RV to Ft. Wilderness? Check out Magellan’s RV 9165T!

It was interesting for me to test the Magellan RV 9165T because I do not have a camper or RV, so the 7” diagonal touch screen took up most of my windshield!  I knew right away this would be perfect for my Disney friends who are taking a camper or RV to Ft. Wilderness or any other campground.

This is the honest truth!  The last time I was at Ft. Wilderness, my father backed our rental car into the little driveway and actually HIT the cabin we were staying in.  How he did it I have no idea, but it actually shook the entire cabin!  If he had the optional wireless back-up camera and the Magellan GPS, he would have seen he was much closer than he actually was and not hit the cabin!  I couldn’t imagine him trying to back up an RV without the wireless back-up camera!

Anyways, back to the RV 9165T and some of its features.  First of all there are 6 million points of interest.  I cannot verify that “South of the Border” is one of those, but anyone driving down from the Northeast certainly cannot miss the 100 miles of billboards.  The nice feature is you can pick and chose what points of interest you want displayed to make it easy for a quick detour or perhaps you don’t want to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth, which is only four short hours away!

Another great feature is the lifetime of free traffic!  This is a terrific feature that will help suggest alternate routes should there be a major traffic jam.  An alert will pop on the screen letting you know the time delay and what the alternate route would be, you have the choice to accept the alternate route or continue on your current route.  In addition to free lifetime traffic, Magellan offers free lifetime map upgrades!  With most of their competitors, you can spend over $50 a year updating your maps!  You can also set speed limit warnings.  The speed limit of each road is displayed on the screen which can help on the highway where speed limits can change in an instant.

If you are making an extended trip, you can plan multiple destinations and map your route accordingly.  If you are driving a larger RV, the Magellan RV 9165T can plan routes according to your own vehicle’s length, width, weight and height!  With windshields being so large on an RV, the spoken street names allows you to focus on the road instead of the GPS.

There are so many features and custom features for RV and camper users, you have to check them out on-line.  Take it from someone who made the trip in a station wagon (almost like the family truckster) you will be lucky if you are driving to be in an RV.  For all the great features, check it out on-line at http://www.magellangps.com/Products/RoadMate-RV/Magellan-RoadMate-RV9165T-LM!  For other great Gotta Have Gadgets check out my blog at www.gottahavegadget.com.

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