Disney's Biggest Flop?

Well, I for one enjoy a good Disney movie. From Pixar movies to the classics, not many of them in my opinion would be considered flops. Keep in mind, by today’s standards, a “flop” basically means it did not make enough movie to cover the cost of making it. Can you really put that into perspective again?

OK, so the newest cool, high-tech movies of today are all made with high intensity CGI or Computer Graphics. When these movies begin production, the studios already know they are going to spend big bucks since it takes huge man power and a very long time to film this type of movie. Enter: John Carter.

I did not watch this movie in theaters after hearing much mixed reviews. When it was available to me on Bluray, I jumped at the chance. I will put this movie into a collection I call: Avatars. I use this term after watching the movie Avatar, which I feel was the same type of CGI, computer, Sci-Fi, odd ball movie. I think Avatar was an OK movie at best, although I know it broke box office records, won awards, etc. I personally do not own the movie and unless I win it free online, will not be purchasing it. I put John Carter into this category.

john carter blurayJohn Carter came out of the gate with a mediocre story line, however, the movie itself was quite well put together. Just like in Avatar, the graphics and scenes were beautifully done and the computer guys who put this film together deserve some serious credit. I think the film flopped only in it’s promotion and execution before it’s release. Had this movie opened under other circumstances, Disney would not have called this a flop and i’m sure it would have made very good profits.

John Carter: The story of a Civil War Hero, always looking for some fools gold in a buried cave. While searching for the cave, he finds himself being transformed onto the planet Mars. Although we find that Mars has no life today, John Carter has a different experience and begins a quest to stay alive, win his freedom and fight for what is right. I believe this movie does a great deal of justice, but just like Avatar, the story line is so far fetched, it becomes hard to follow as “possible”.

The stories ending, for me, was by far the best piece of the film. I do not mean that badly, I mean the last 20 or 30 minutes for me is where the movie begins to highlight itself and take off.

All in all, I thought John Carter was an alright film. You must go into it with an open mind and remember, this is much more SciFi than an old western movie.

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  • June 13, 2012 at 11:41 am

    I loved this movie, and I’m still extremely ticked off that Disney screwed up the marketing so horribly. The story itself is based on the classic novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs which served as inspiration for many sci-fi writers & filmmakers. The film itself was really well done and is a great sci-fi film to watch as a family. Both my daughters (12 & 8) and my son (5) loved it.

    For people who want to get an good idea of what the movie is about, here is an awesome fan-made trailer. http://bit.ly/KtutSJ (Imo, this is how Disney should have marketed the film!)


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