Disney Stores Turns 25!

Did you know the Disney Store, one of our favorite places to shop turned 25 years old today? Many people did not even get the memo, as Disney did an average job of promoting it, but for those of us who were aware, it was a very cool experience.

To start, the store had (of course) their usual opening ceremony, but they also added in their “Disney Store” song and all were wearing the limited EditionĀ  25th Anniversary Ears. Glimmering in their bright silver colors, with the magical 25 logo. The store gave out a “Voucher” for the Ears at the gate, and they had roughly 250 Ear hats.

Inside they also had a limited edition Vinylmation that was a clear crystallized Mickey statue that showed floating blue mickey ears and a special “25” black logo also floating on the inside. The problem here was the store only had 130 of the Vinyls. This caused a big problem, and because of it, the vinyl’s were sold out in 25 minutes. They were very limited.

The Disney Store also had 25% off coupons that were sent out via email to many guests if you are on their mailing lists. So the fact that they had 25th Merchandise and collectibles along with a 25% discount… the sales were crazy and the lines were long.

In case you missed it, or did not live close enough to a Disney Store to attend, here is the opening ceremony from this morning, along with the full cast members wearing their limited edition ears. If you took a photo with your ears on and tweeted the photo to Disney, or emailed it to them you also earned a chance to be on the NYC Billboard this year! (photos@25th.disneystore.com)

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