Disney & Lucasfilm – The Ultimate Alliance


When I heard the news (my wife called to tell me, she gets the credit here) I almost didn’t believe it.

Disney buying Lucasfilm? Star Wars?

Holy smokes!

$4.05 Billion?


Once I let it sink in and started to really think about it..I thought “THIS IS AWESOME!!”

My love of Disney is on par with my love of Star Wars (By the way, included in the deal is another little franchise known as Indiana Jones).

If you really start to think about it, there are endless possibilities for Disney with this.

Disney has said there will be new movies starting in 2015 with Episode 7.  Will this be a continuation of the Skywalker story? Will this be a whole new story centering on a new band of characters? Either way – AWESOME!  Disney is also saying that there will be a new Star Wars movie every two to three years. Say that again? A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE EVERY TWO TO THREE YEARS!  My mind is officially blown!  The ink isn’t even dry on the contract and there is already wild speculation online as to who will direct the new movie.  That’s how rabid Star Ward fanatics can be.

I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time in 1977.  Going into it I had no idea what I was going to see.  Afterwards my life was changed forever and became filled with Star Wars figures, vehicles, bed sheets, collectible cards, comic books, lunch boxes and anything else that had a Wookie’s face on it.  It would forever be my favorite movie and I have been lucky enough to see my son start to share my love of this franchise. Funny enough, he has yet to watch one movie start to finish!

**I must warn you – if you are not a fan of Star Wars, turn back now the language may get complicated**

When Disney opened the Disney/MGM Studios (now known as Disney Hollywood Studios) they had Star Tours.  A motion simulation ride that incorporated the Star Wars universe. It was awesome!  The building that surrounded it was a replica of an Ewok village with a life size AT-AT.  At night the torches in the Ewok  huts would illuminate and you could hear the drums and Ewok voices chattering in the trees.  Inside the queue you would find animatronics of R2-D2 and C-3PO.  You were immersed in the Star Wars universe.  Fast Forward to 2011, Disney introduced Star Tours – The Adventure Continues.  A reboot or version 2 of this popular ride.  Incorporating the original show building, it added a 3-D element to the simulation, more familiar Star Wars characters and multiple platforms where the rider can ultimately have different encounters each time they experience the attraction.  It was a huge upgrade to the ride.

Over the years Disney has also hosted Star Wars Weekends at the Studios.  This has grown into a gigantic event for the park.  Among other things, the event includes meet and greets with numerous Star Wars characters, actors from the Star Wars movies and cartoons, parades and exclusive merchandise.  The avid Star Wars fan can find lots to love at this event.  They even found a way to dress up Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Goofy as Star Wars characters.

What now?  What’s next? Well that’s the beauty of this. The sky’s the limit.  Aside from the movies that are already being promised we can let our imaginations run wild! Fans are speculating how they will incorporate more Star Wars into the theme parks.

How about a Cantina based restaurant with the alien band playing some intergalactic tunes on the band stand.

A snow covered world based on Hoth with actual ice caves to explore and fight off Wampa’s!

A speeder bike chase ride.

An actual full size Millennium Falcon to tour.

A Jawa sand crawler with robots for sale!

Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge.

Rebel Hangars that would house all the classes of Rebel Starships.

Undersea ride to visit Gungans (no Jar Jar please! ).

I’m no imagineer but all of this and more now seem possible!  Disney’s newest acquisition promises to keep the Star Wars franchise alive for many generations to come.  I for one look forward to seeing what the Mouse House will do with it.

May the force (and the Mouse) be with you.

Jaffa Cocio

I am from the Boston area where I am a drummer from the age of 14. I went to school at Northeastern University where I have a degree in Music Industry. I have always been a fan of all things Disney - having been to WDW many many times since my first visit in 1977. I have also been to Disneyland a few times. (dying to go see Carsland) I am happily married for just about 6 years with 2 little kids (5 - boy, 3 girl, who are both becoming seasoned Disney pro's. My son has already been twice and my daughter once to WDW with many more trips to be planned in the futue!

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