Denon Exercise Freak AH-W150BK

Denon Do you run in the Disney Marathon, walk at lunch or even run/walk on a treadmill?  Heck, if you do any type of exercise the Denon Exercise Freak Bluetooth headset is for you!  I walk every day at lunch (I call it “getting my Disney legs) and one thing I hated was as I was listening to my iPod at least once during my walk I would swing my arms and pull the earphones out of my ears or disconnect my iPod.  I was very excited to find a wireless Bluetooth headset that sounds great and allowed me to “cut the cord”.  I can now walk freely and not have to worry about how I carry my iPod/iPhone , MP3 player or other Bluetooth device.  The Denon Exercise Freak is not just for exercise, it’s perfect for that flight to Orlando or even doing housework!  One of the best features of this Gotta Have Gadget is you can control the volume or even take a phone call while wearing them.  They are extremely comfortable and designed to resist sweat.  The behind the ear design keeps the earpiece in place even through the most intense workout!  Heck what could be better than running a Disney Marathon while listening to Pirate Radio to keep you motivated and going!  Right now Denon is offering a rebate toward your purchase of the Exercise Freak Headphones.  Check them out at  For more cool Gotta Have Gadgets, check out my blog at

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