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Disgusted by the report of Black-Market Disney Guides


Was anyone else offended by the report in the NY Post that wealthy people are reportedly hiring “Black-Market Disney Guides”?  These black-market Disney guides are guides who are handicapped and taking advantage of the handicapped entrances so their paid sponsor doesn’t have to wait in line.  (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/disney_world_srich_kid_outrage_zTBA0xrvZRkIVc1zItXGDP)

These guides are hired at $130 per hour or $1,040 for the day.  I’m not sure if I am more disgusted by the people who pay the guides or the guides themselves.  Sure there are plenty of lines at Disney, sure there are people who abuse the system, but this to me crosses the line.

I am sure Disney will have to address this issue.  The problem is, this will probably affect truly handicapped people making it more difficult for them to gain the access they truly need.  If you become a “master of the fastpass” (http://www.thewdwdads.com/master-the-fastpass/) you can truly limit your wait time at a majority of the rides.

A few years ago, I heard a story about the number of false lawsuits brought against Disney.  One college professor went as far as saying he was hit in the head by a piece of the track falling off of space mountain.  Disney has video of this guy maneuvering out of his safety restraint and standing up.  Heck, I don’t even put my arms up on Space Mountain and this guy stood up and tried to file a lawsuit against Disney.

I guess being as popular as Disney is there will always be those who try to cheat the system or profit from them in some way.  This to me was an all-time low.


  1. I was dismayed by this too, but note that the article says the woman avoided a 2.5 hour wait at Small World. Has there EVER been a 2.5 hour wait at Small World? Certainly not in the past 10-15 years. Possibly not everything in the article is accurate.

  2. This is SHAMELESS. I totally agree Mike, the guides doing this are only expoiting themselves and the people paying them as “Guides” are Tacky People. Proves that money can buy anything….except Class.

  3. I see it all the time. The “passes” they refer to are Handicapped Guest Assistance passes and are meant to help people who cannot stand and be in the sun for that long of time. I also see a ton of overweight people abusing this system as well. Handicapped is handicapped. I know this may be offensive to some people, but I am not attacking, I am stating that too many people are not really handicapped and already abused the system. Now we have to have this too? AARGGHH!

  4. I commented on a similar report I read. This truly is disgusting and I agree it makes you wonder about the integrity of the guides. It will only make it more difficult for those that really need the passes. What also concerns me is that people think they need to see a disability to be able to use a pass. Lets not forget many people need theses passes for unseen reason like autism and those that just can’t stand for any length of time.

  5. What they are doing is sad. But I think we should shift the focus of the comments and re-posting to haw if they truly were the 1% they would pay for the Disney guides. Once you get past how sad it is that they think they are too good to stand in lines, and how they are doing something this dishonest in front of their own children and really look at it. They are like the Wal-Mart brand of rich people. They are buying the generic service when a much better one is offered. I bet all the real 1 percenters are at the county club laughing about the riff-raff.

  6. We tack our 4 handicap children down with their own personal wheelchairs. Most Disney Cast Members do try to accommodate us in the lines. All to often I have seen people use the Park wheelchairs to cut the lines. I saw a young boy in a chair jump out and onto the ride. At the next ride the same family had a different child in the chair. Go figure . The worst has to be the handicap spots for parade watching. Seniors in their electric chairs and the others in park chairs crowd the area. They “save” the spots for the rest of their families who are still out doing rides. Bottom line is the Abuse of the system is frustrating for us who are legit.

  7. Meh, I look at it like this: If someone wants to waste 1k or so on what is essentially a fastpass, more power to them. Also what the article called “1 percenters” was really just middle class people with impulse buying problems. The article was just meant to stir up hatred of wealthy people over something that really only benefits the handicapped people selling their services. Disney may alter their Accessibility policy after this, but I still say people get bent out of shape over things that just really don’t matter. The whole article was stupid and pointless.

  8. Jeremy is right in that the truly wealthy would hire the Disney service. BUT: Disney tries to accommodate all guests equally. Some guests NEED special assistance. So, Disney has special access for those guests and their families. Anyone who thinks they are above waiting in line at WDW should reconsider either their vacation or themselves.

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