Best Snacks For Travel – Adults, Kids, Couples and Pets!

When I am planning a trip to anywhere, the very first thing that comes to my mind are snacks. No, really… I say to myself:

“What are the best snacks for this trip?”

Why do I think this is a crucial part of the trip prep? Easy! No on else thinks of it, and I am typically the hero.
castania mixed nuts-best travel snacks
So, let’s break this up into parts. First we can address the basic travel snacks that win overall all the picky types. From there we can get creative and discuss pet snacks and how to keep children happy for those long road trips or flights to Orlando.

Best snacks for adults or couples

My personal favorite and standby are mixed nuts, and before you go rolling your eyes, I’ll tell you about my absolute favorite type and brand. Mixed nuts tend to fall into the peanut category real fast, and although I enjoy peanuts, they are not high on my list here.

The fancy mixed nuts I like are superbly flavored with just the right salt, but not overwhelming. After 30 years I can finally say I have found the winner in this category:

Castania Mixed Nuts

Below is direct links to Amazon where you can buy them and get free or super-fast shipping. Honestly, I am obsessed and eat far too many, even when not taking trips. Don’t judge me!

They are a perfect blend of the higher quality and unique cravings you want and expect and your won’t find them in local stores. Nope, go ahead and try. Negative. So they have won me over as the best snacks for traveling anywhere, car road, planes or otherwise. They are also perfect for hiking!

A friend turned me onto them and I buy them so regularly, Amazon has my order in the favorites. Let me know what you think below if you try them!

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