Avengers Coming to Bluray

So, many of us guys are comic or super hero fans, right? I mean, we all had pajamas of Superman or Batman, with out cape’s hanging off the back, pretending we were flying as we jumped off our bunk beds… right? No, it’s just me?

Well, when Disney purchased Marvel Comics, it was a very happy day for me. I am NOT an avid comic book reader, however, I am a big super hero fan. The difference is that I know all about many of the super heroes from their comic books, but also countless TV shows and movies that have been made about them over the years. When I first found out Iron Man was coming to the screen, I was very excited, although I didn’t really know a lot about Tony Stark and his Iron alter ego. When the movie hit theaters, I was right there with all the other die hard fans, spun into a world from which there was no coming back. I was hooked.

Robert Downey Jr is a great actor nonetheless, but his role in this film is like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow; made for him. His perfect likeness to the comic character is stunning and the comedy is so straight and right on, you cant turn away or you might miss one of his snark comments.

As Iron Man grew in success, other comic characters became more relevant. The Fantastic 4 had been around, but then a sequel with the famed Silver Surfer was released. DC comics had already been branding Batman with tons of great success and the Superman franchise was getting a revamp (yet again). I found that the different versions of “The Hulk” were ok at best, with Edward Norton being my personal favorite typecast role, but nothing really stood out. Enter; Thor.

Thor was a comic hero I hadn’t really known a lot about. Hes, God of Thunder, etc, carries a hammer, we get it. My up and close with Thor is best served from the 1980’s movie, Adventurers in Babysitting, where some guy runs a gas station and looks like Thor. This movie won me over just a little… I was nut impressed with Thor’s ending, but the storyline made sense and the actors were really spot on for the roles. The one thing I like, and many of us do, is consistency with characters in movies and sequels, right? Changing the character to another actor doesn’t fit the bill very well with me.

I was impressed however in this movie that Marvel did not take the lite approach that these team members would group easy and just work together. Like in real life, an alliance is formed sometimes out on necessity, but sometimes out of valor. This movie shows you each character can stand alone and the Avengers can come together as a group when needed. Massively impressed. I have watched this movie 5 times… yep, 5 times.

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