Arrietty – The Little People

The Secret World of Arrietty

Secret World Of Arrietty






An adventure movie straight from Disney & Studio Ghibil (Ponyo) debuted this year in theaters. Many mixed reviews, but here is my take on the movie. First here is the background:

Arrietty, and her family are known as “little people”. They are small, about a few inches high. They are also called borrowers, and they live in our world, in our walls, under our stairs…  Arrietty is the curious young girl who befriends a sickly human boy. He is sent to live with his aunt. During his stay, he see’s the house has a lot of “little furniture” inside a doll house. He hears stories of the “little people” and soon begins seeing more than believing. The story has many ups and down and certainly is entertaining. Arrietty and her family fight for survival when they think they may be the last of their kind.









You can see just how curious Arrietty is through the film and how her imagination can get her into trouble.

The movie is hard to get into at first in my opinion, unless you are familiar with Japanimation. (Japanese Animation). This type of animation is a bit like the old Pokemon or vastly different in terms of style of characters, expressions and storyline. Once you can connect with Arrietty, the film comes to life and really engages you. You feel the struggles, pain, hardship that follows. I do feel this is an all age appropriate film.

All in all, it was a pretty well done movie. I think the second time around it begins to grow on you. Arrietty will certainly be something I watch again, and I ask that you give it a try. You just might be surprisingly interested.

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