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As a self confessed Disney addict, and eternal child at heart when it comes to WDW, I’m really delighted to be able to contribute to WDW Dads.  As “International writer”, I have never felt so cosmopolitan and exotic, so I thought I would kick off with a look at the experiences of a UK visitor to WDW, as I suspect it may differ from those of you lucky enough to live on the right side of the Atlantic.

For most UK visitors, the crucial starting point for a trip to the sunshine state would be what can be a frustrating and endless search for a flight.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of flights, every day, so it is not a question of finding a place on one.  It is more a case of trying to find one that will still allow you enough money for the luxuries such as food and clothes during your stay.

virgin plane
Up up and away.

To put this in perspective, a typical direct flight from a major UK airport, to Orlando, during the summer school holidays would cost around $1400 per adult at the current exchange rate.  If, like me you have the pleasure of paying for a party of four adults (yes a 16 and 14 year old have been adults for a while in airline terms) that can be a barrier to travel!

This leads many travelers into a sort of Planes, Trains and Automobiles journey taking in all sorts of weird and wonderful stopovers on the way.  We returned from our last trip just a few short weeks ago, and we traveled from London (a four hour drive from our home) into Toronto, and then down to Fort Lauderdale, in an attempt to keep the flight prices under that of a decent car.

That type of journey, as you can imagine, is grueling, but also a testament to the irresistible urge to continue to visit Florida.  This commendable commitment, along with the absolute refusal to recognize the worldwide financial meltdown, is probably the reason that you will see and hear a lot of UK accents around the parks these days.

We do have some perks too, in that many of the park ticket deals we can benefit from are only available to UK visitors.  As we tend to visit for longer periods in one go, typically 14 or 21 days, we are able to buy in bulk, with a length of stay pass for Disney at around $344 for two weeks.  At $24 a day, that is value in anyone’s eyes.  Personally, I think I would pay that just to watch any one of Wishes, Reflections of Earth or Fantasmic, but don’t tell Disney that!!

Other than these differences, I am sure we share, with the rest of the world, that unfathomable devotion to the best holiday destination on the planet.  The seemingly unending flood of UK visitors isn’t just a result of WDW being Disney, it also must have something to do with the US itself.  I have been to Disneyland Paris, and it is very nice, and I am glad that I went, but there is something distinctly lacking when compared to the Florida equivalent.

Service yes, weather of course, but our “special relationship” means we feel right at home.  Every time we touch down on US soil, we all say, it is good to be home.

On a personal note, it would help me enormously if you could move the US a few thousand miles to the right, oh, and how about making your money different colors so us out of towners don’t spend all their time trying to figure out a ten from a fifty.

Other than that….carry on as you are, and we’ll be back soon!

Me and the girls
Three big WDW fans!

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  1. Yep, pretty much what Craig said. I too vault the pond on a bi-annual basis for the only place I will call a proper holiday destination, city breaks not-withstanding, and its worth every penny I sell my soul to earn

  2. A fantastic addition to the site, Craig pretty much sums up how many of us from the UK feel though many of us could not be able to express it as Craig can. Will look forward to reading more, he is one of the funniest writers to be found on the internet. Nice job.

  3. Great piece Craig, I write similar articles with an international spin for 2 other Disney websites, it’s nice to let our US friends know how much WDW and America in general means to us Brits.
    I shall enjoy adding this to the list of blogs/forums I already spend too much time reading 🙂

  4. Another great piece by Craig, the wonderful MKingdon. Our family are mere amateurs as we only manage a trip every two years – mind you there are two parents plus 4 “adult” children to pay for and only one money bringer in. Ahh well worth every penny. More please Craig. 🙂

  5. This may be a blog for WDW Dads but I suspect that many Mums will also be lurking! I too share a love for all (or almost all!) things USA. Any state would suffice but we thoroughly enjoy our Florida visits. We have to get 2 domestic flights just to get us as far as London and then the transatlantic one after that – it’s a long haul but worth it. Craig has a way with words and I always look forward to any new trip reports and posts on his blog. Very entertaining and spot on too – I agree with and laugh at many of his observations!

  6. Hi Craig, my sentiments exactly.YOUR the reason for my woeful bank balance,due to six family holidays to the ONLY destination for a holiday/vacation.I became hooked after reading your trip reports on the ‘DIBB’, damn you!…..And THANK YOU!
    And now i have another site for my Disney fix,lol!

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