About Us

Robin Reeve-WDWdads-Man-Cave-Of-DisneyThe Walt Disney World Dads, or collectively, “The Man-Cave of Disney” was founded by Robin Reeve as a way to see things outside the box. Traveling to Disney, Universal Studios, Food & Wine events and others made him learn that there is a need for people to share information. This website was not built around a male only client, but rather was information to everyone about what is actually out there if you look hard enough!

Although we call ourselves, the WDW Dads, we are actually a group of men and women who share a common passion and love for fun and excitement. Sometimes that means on vacation, sometimes that means a simple weekend getaway. In either way, you need to enjoy your time spent with family, friends or even alone walking in Walt’s footsteps.

Enjoy your time on this website, share some comments and opinions and let us know what makes you tick! What type of content should we do more of? This is a place to share ideas and have fun. Enjoy and welcome to the Man-Cave of Disney!

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