A Magical Moment At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Every man,  woman and child who has ever gone on a Walt Disney World vacation has left with one, and likely more, fantastic memory of their trip. Maybe you got to finally meet your favorite character. Or snapped that incredible picture in front of the castle. Maybe it was the time you found the perfect spot to watch a parade, or scored the best vantage point for Wishes. At Disney the possibilities to “Let The Memories Begin” are almost endless.

But there’s one thing that truly transcends those memories and it happens more often than you might think. That one thing is “The Magical Moment.” Something so perfect, so exceptional and yes, so magical that it becomes your favorite moment in Walt Disney World forever.

And on a recent trip with my family to Disney’s Hollywood Studios we experienced one of those “Magical Moments.”

It started here, at The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

My 8 year-old son, Evan is a fan of all things that go BOOM! And at the Indy Show, there’s no shortage of that. Every time we see this show, my son imagines himself as a “Little Indy” – Fighting the bad guys, hunting for treasure and yes, making things go BOOM!

We always stick around after the show is over and the theater has nearly emptied for a chance at autographs and pictures from the show’s performers. They have always been generous and kind to my son. Taking that little bit of extra time to pose for a picture and chat.

And it’s at this point, shortly after this picture was taken, where our experience turned from “memory” into a “Magical Moment.”

My son looks a little sad in the picture, but he’s really not. What he was trying to say to the actor portraying Indiana Jones is that he wanted more! Make more fire! Jump off that building again! Fight more bad guys!

“Indiana Jones” spent a great deal of time with my son. Performing “mini-stunts” and telling him thank you for enjoying the show. “Come back for the next show and I’ll do something special just for you,” he says as he turns to walk away. Then he stops. Turns around and walks back towards us and says, “Y’know what ‘Little Indy’ I’m going to make you an OFFICIAL Indiana Jones! But you’ll need the costume.”

And here, is where the kind of magic that can only happen at Walt Disney World happens to my son. Here is that “Magical Moment” I’ve been talking about.

The actor portraying Indiana Jones takes off the fedora he wore during his performance and autographs it, then hands it to my son. My son who is now so excited he can barely express himself. My son who got the “more” Indiana Jones he wanted in a way nobody could have ever expected.

My son Evan is no longer simply watching Indiana Jones, he IS Indiana Jones!

That hat now holds a place of honor among all of my family’s Disney “souvenirs.” Prominently displayed so that every time my son sees it, my entire family relives that “Magical Moment” at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

And yes, in case you were wondering, the hat does frequently come down from display and gets worn by my son. Who instantly transforms in “action mode” – fighting the bad guys and saving the day. Just like Indiana Jones. Just like that day in Hollywood Studios. And he will have that forever.

A “Magical Moment” indeed.


(I’m honored to add that this post is now a part of the The Disney Blog Carnival  – http://dismarks.com/blog/disney-blog-carnival-47 – A collection of the best Disney stories from around the internet.)

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