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Everyone is looking forward to spending 24 hours playing, in Magic Kingdom, on February 29th.  The moment I heard the news, my mind took me to the topic “Where would I work at Magic Kingdom if I worked for 24 hours on this day.” During 24 hours there are so many awesome attractions, shows, shops, and other jobs, in Magic Kingdom, that I would like to be part of as a Cast Member.

(A little bit about me) I had worked at Magic Kingdom, back in 2003, as an intern for the WDW College Program.  Magic Kingdom was where Disney World had placed me to work.  Liberty Square was my primary land to work in, and my time spent working there was a blast.  I enjoyed sharing the magic with everyone who entered the park. There are other attractions, though, that I would have enjoyed learning to operate.  I would have

also enjoyed learning some of the dances Disney taught for the shows.  So, what if I was given the opportunity to go work for Disney for one day?  I would have 24 hours to learn about some of the fun attractions to run, shows to dance at, and maybe even jump into a parade! Where would I start?

I think I would start the 24 hour day by being the person to pick the Magic Kingdom Opening Family. This is a very special part of the Disney magic, and I would love to be the person to make a family’s dream come true!  I have always enjoyed making magical moments for others, so this would be a very special moment on a very special day. Plus, I would get to hang out with the Opening Family alongside Mickey and the gang. This day would start off pretty magical!

I would want to start off my morning with taking pictures, for guests on Main Street USA, and help guests start their day off with a magical photo showing the castle in the background.  I enjoy seeing children’s faces light up when they see the castle for the first time, so it would be a joy to see many smiling faces, on Main Street, to start off my day.

Then I would hop on over to learn about Mickey’s PhilharMagic, which is located in Fantasyland.  This attraction is a 3D show that stars Donald Duck.  I would love to be behind the scenes helping that show run for the rest of my morning.  Plus, this means I would get to see the show a few times, which would be awesome, because I never seen to be bored of it!  I love the music, sounds, and laughter.  Donald always makes me laugh. The best part is that I would be the one behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly.

After all this time I would probably have a break, which means I would be leave the stage area level where the attractions are, and head on down to the café in the underground tunnel.  I would probably eat with Alice, Jasmine, Belle and Ariel, hopefully having some “girl talk” time.  This would be an unforgettable break!  Maybe later Peter Pan and Prince Charming would stroll by and sit for awhile. It would be a joy just to chat, on a break, with my favorite characters.

After break, I would be off to join the Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade.  I’ve always wanted to be a dancer in the front. This would be pretty much my entire afternoon, since I would have to learn the dance, get a costume, wait for the parade to start, and then dance down Main Street USA. It would be great to be right in the middle of the magic of this beautiful parade! Later on I would get another wondrous break.

Now who would I want to eat with on this break?  Perhaps I would have a conversation with Maleficent this time.  When I worked at Magic Kingdom her locker was right next to me, so it would be awesome to get to know her better.  She never seemed so evil when she was chatting with me in the locker room.  I think she’s just misunderstood.  Maybe after a long day’s work she was just happy thinking about going home to her castle!

After my break I would want to work at the Haunted Mansion, because by now it would probably be getting dark (since we are still in February).  Scaring guests seems like a fun way to spend my evening!  Since I have been so nice and sweet all day long, why not now be a little mean and stern.  I remember watching the cast members, who worked at the line at the Haunted Mansion, pushing the guests close together and saying, “If you can breathe, you aren’t close enough!”  I would laugh and wish that I could have fun with the guest the way those cast members did.  So, working the Haunted Mansion would be a fun way for me to spend my evening!

Now I would hop on a bus behind Magic Kingdom, and head to where they set off the fireworks.  I have always wanted to help with Wishes.  Wishes is my favorite firework display at Disney World!  I love watching these fireworks from anywhere around Magic Kingdom, and even at some of the resorts around the waterfront.  Helping to make the magic, behind the scenes, would be a wonderful way to spend my night.

Almost midnight …time for another break!  I’m sure I would be so ready for a small nap, but I would enjoy my relaxation in silence during this time.  Probably I would find a side break room to rest in, and have a small snack.  Afterward, I would be ready to enjoy my early morning fun at Magic Kingdom. What would I do now?

I would probably ask if I could spend time over in Tomorrowland.  Since my internship was on the opposite side of Magic Kingdom, I never was able to spend much time in Tomorrowland.  Working at the exit of Space Mountain is the first thing I’d love to do, so I could watch the guests get off the ride, and see their faces.  Some would be smiling or laughing, and some would be trying to find their stomach again! It would be fun.

Next would be a hop on over to Stitch Great Escape.  A great place to be would be behind the screen, watching the guest on the ride as Stitch jumps around playing tricks on them.  I’m sure there is someone in each room making sure everything runs smoothly.  I would love to be the cast member watching guests have fun on the ride with Stitch!

Working in Liberty Square 2003

Then, of course, I would love to be part of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and be the one monitoring the attraction while guests are enjoying their game.  I would even enjoy learning about the attraction, and how it runs every day.  Maybe I could work at the exit too, and see how many kids had bet their parents they’d win the game.

By now it’s getting to be morning, and the sun is rising in the sky.  I’m ready to end my wonderful 24 hours working at the most magical place on earth.  I would want to help with Main Street USA by saying, “Goodbye, and hope you had a magical time” to the guests as they leave the park, and head on their way back to the resorts.

This is just how I would enjoy working at Magic Kingdom for 24 hours!  Where would you work if you could run an attraction, or be part of a show?  Who would you like to chat with while having your breaks at the café?  Have you ever wanted to help make the magic at Disney?  I hope after reading my dream adventure, about working at magic Kingdom, it has given you ideas on what you would enjoy if you were making the magic at Disney!

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