2011 Ultimate Blog Party!

Blog Party 2011

It is amazing how blogs can grow almost overnight, isn’t it? The online community has grown exponentially over the last year, let alone last decade. The new and upcoming blogger community is faster, more advanced, more versed and highly educated with inside information! We now have the opportunity to get together as an online media source for information and share in the highlights of our world and our shared culture! Please join us online as we take part in the 2011 “5 Minutes for Mom” Blog Party:

The WDW Dad’s or WDWD’s as we like to be known, are a group of the wealthiest entrepreneur’s and elite Disney Fans. OK, well, one part of that is correct… We are and in most cases, the largest community of Disney Man Fans that you will ever meet! The site was started with a simple goal in mind: The Man Cave of Disney. A place where guys can come and relax and chat and blog about what their passion for Disney means to them. We get together for events in the parks and plan trips to showcase our favorite things to do as guys! Nothing better than a few beers and a good Pirates Ride…

The site was created and founded by Robin Reeve. Robin has been in the Disney community and along with his wife, share a great respect for what Walt has created and what Disney continues to stand for. He is happy to live close to the WDW parks in Florida and be able to share his stories online for his fellow guys to follow. Even if your a girl, you will enjoy following and reading some of the interesting topics he writes about. Some are very out of the box!

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