2011 Epcot Wine Walk

The Epcot Wine Walk is a new and fun idea that Disney came out with to introduce popular wines throughout the pavilion in the World Showcase.  Most tasting of wine range from $4.95 to well over $6.00.  This Wine Walk allows you the rare opportunity to taste 6 different wines for only $20.00 ($18.77+tax). A bargain if you enjoy wines. This also allows you to sample many different “kinds” of wines that may not always be your fancy…

The ranges of wine are sweet, bubbly, dry reds and whites. You get to really try different regions of the world many people are afraid to try at their local wine shop for fear of wasting $20 on a bottle that you really dislike.





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Now, the real picks on here are a few gems that you can even pick up locally. In Germany, you will taste 2 white wines, both semi sweet and both very easy to drink. One more mild than the other. They almost follow suit to their german heritage on the cusp of Rieslings or a nice Sauvignon Blanc.

In Italy, you will sample 2 very different wines. The first is the semi dry Pino Grigio and the second is my favorite of all, the Rosa Regale. The Regale is a sparkling red that has major tastes of strawberry and raspberry. Although not a dessert wine, it is not thick like Ice Wine, but rather a champagne taste of marvelous bubbles. This wine can also be found locally for most of us around the country. I happen to see in Epcot, a mid size bottle was $25.00 but I found it in my local Sam’s Club wine section for $16.95! Click here for a link to their site: Just click on Locate Us and you’ll be able to put in your location and see where they carry it. They even sell it at Walmart in Florida!

Next, we traveled to France for our last stop on the tour. France is highly regarded for their wines, but in the same regard, French wines are rather different from anywhere else in the world. You will sample one red and one white here. I was not to fond of the red (burgandy) it was very dry and not very appealing to me, but some really like dry reds. The chardonnay was rather good and I, myself, am not much of a chardonnay drinker.

So, if your nervous about sampling wines in each country in Epcot and spending hundreds of dollars not to mention be carried out in a wheelchair for public intoxication, the Wine Walk may just be for you. You’ll be surprised how 6 tastings hit you when it’s 95 degrees out and you haven’t had your Season’s Turkey Sandwich yet!

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  • October 5, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    We carry most of the wines that they sell in Epcot, great article!


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